Four titles by Steve Higgins [Higgypop]

While over in the UK recently, I picked up quite a few new books for the collection along the way. Some were book swaps directly with the authors that I met at the Parameet event I was speaking at, and others were picked up in various location gift shops or at Hospice stores I’d wander into on a whim to try my luck.
In the coming weeks, I’ll start highlighting a few as I get time to read them through.
These four were a great read.
Grabbed them directly from the author, Steve Higgins, the brains behind the informative blog site, Higgypop. Steve has been a busy boy lately, not only writing up a frenzy for his Higgypop blog but also writing books and even creating a doco. ”Alone at the Inn”, is a transcript of sorts.  A journaling of his solo investigation night at the legendary Ancient Ram Inn.
I’ve stayed there twice now and never had anything happen. Others have raved about it and all the incredible paranormal activity it holds. Guess I was just there on the wrong nights.
I like Steve’s approach; critical in his thinking, yet open to the possibility that perhaps there are things we just don’t yet understand. His approach is refreshing. Practical, down-to-earth, relaxed, and thoughtful. Trying things to see what happens. Hopeful, yet not overly expectant.
The other three books are part of an ongoing series he’s working on. In hindsight, I should’ve grabbed the full set available at the time, as I reckon they’re actually pretty good. Easy to read and perfect for beginners, or those wanting a bit of a level-headed, refresher grounding when it comes to this kind of research. The tips are aplenty, easy to understand, and in my opinion, will prove very helpful. The three books cover a lot of ground and should be a perfect paranormal 101 tutoring for anyone wanting to get their head around the field, without any confusing jargon. RECOMMENDED.

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