Lake House Art Centre – Halloween live interactive Zoom event

A big thank you to all those who joined us online with the Lake House interactive Zoom investigation for Halloween on Saturday night. It was quite the setup; with cameras live streaming in all areas and the audience jumping in on the feed via Zoom. Then there were all those at home sitting in the chat asking questions and passing on information.
Also to our Aimee, Natasha, and Barbara who were on hand to field all the questions that were coming in while I roamed the halls and Grae at the Lake House for inviting us in to do this.
I certainly got a good workout running up and down those stairs to check out things that were being spotted on camera! Activity-wise, we had a couple of possible sightings of the short shadow person (the little girl that is sometimes seen, that we call Patty? Perhaps? ) a few interesting noises and a couple of animatronic characters were set off without human interaction. An interesting and fun night. – Mark

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