Helensville Museum – Overnight session. April 29th 2023 [PHOTOS]

On Saturday night the team (ignoring a storm warning) headed back out West to spend another overnight session in a location we’ve been returning to since the first one back in 2016.
The Helensville Museum has been very welcoming and generous through the years, giving us unlimited research access to come in and do our thing. The weather behaved itself right up till the early morning hours when it hammered down. Luckily the team was tucked up in their individual abodes for the night. Each team member went solo till the morning, recording as they slept.
Mark stayed in Hec’s Barn, Sam amongst the art and historical archives, Natasha in the Courthouse and Aimee in Hedley House. You’ll have to wait to hear if there were any findings, or whether any of us were visited during the night, as we’ve got a lot of video and audio to scan through.
Here are a few photos the team snapped throughout the night.

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