Lake House Art Centre – Mark’s solo session

Last night I decided to head out and Investigate alone. Well, I think I was alone. No one seemed to be answering me. Thought I’d spend some time in one of our fav’ ongoing research locations, the Lake House Art Centre.
A chilly, but very peaceful night, without much going on except the typical clicks and taps a building will go through as the temperature drops throughout the night.
Was hoping I’d be joined by the mystery phantom child that hangs around here. She’s been seen and heard for several years now and we may have met her on the odd occasion during investigations too. We call her “Patty”.
Don’t know if that’s her actual name, or if she even really exists, but we’re going with that for now. Sometimes we just need to go where the stories lead us.
Last night, however, I think I was on my own.
If you ever need therapy from a rough work week, this is it. Sitting in total silence, in the dark….just yourself and the building….doing nothing except listening and chilling, while the cameras record and the gadgets monitor and log the environment.
It’ll do me!
Here are a few random photos I snapped last night. – Mark

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