Helensville Museum Event

Saturday night’s public event at the Helensville Museum was great fun.
The light rain that decided to join in for a bit didn’t dampen the spirits at all (see what I did there?) and the night flowed well, with those in attendance really getting into the moment.
Good to hear a couple of people saying how this had inspired them to do their own research and are keen to start investigating for themselves. We heard there were a few interesting moments too.
From gadget activations, synched-up temperature /EMF spikes, unusual battery drain, touchings, and the odd shadow or ”person” seen, or sensed. Thanks to all that came and supported the Helensville Museum and many thanks to the museum management for supporting us in our ongoing research, by giving the team access.
Here are a few photos from the night.
There are a small few missing from the group photo that had to leave before we got to take the shot.
Please feel free to tag yourselves in them.
Bring on the next one!

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