The missing link

I have been a paranormal investigator for over a decade now and I have conducted hundreds of investigations over that time, however, it is safe to say I have yet to find and or experience that ground-breaking moment that would truly convince me of the existence of spirits, ghost and or other entities.
It’s frustrating, to be honest. When you truly want to believe that there is an alternate universe/ existence other than our own out there, one which we simply just cannot prove without a matter of doubt.

Paranormal investigators have come a long way in designing and experimenting with all sorts of equipment and techniques, yet why are they not working?

I know many fellow paranormal investigators may disagree with that statement, having felt like they have obtained what they believe to be evidence of some sort, whether they are referring to a particular EVP they captured, photographs, or “successful” results from other experimental procedures they used, at the end of the day though, as a rule of thumb- if something can possibly be explained and or debunked, it should be. I strongly believe in the principle of Occam’s razor (meaning if there is a simpler explanation than what is being discussed and or suggested, the simpler/simplest option should be used. It’s a very frustrating measure I know, but I feel like it keeps me grounded.

So what are we really looking for? What would suffice and be acceptable in the world of science and deemed evidence?

Well, that’s the thing. We don’t really know. You cannot prove the existence of something if you don’t really know what you are looking for, and let’s be fair, we don’t really know what we are looking for. We don’t know what to search for.

We are really, at this point, just looking for any activity of some kind. Trying to establish some sort of alternate communication.
We invented these pieces of equipment in the hopes of being able to catch recordings of disembodied voices, video to capture unexplained activity, light sensors, using EMF detectors, etc. But we don’t even know for sure if paranormal activity really produces higher EMF, we don’t know for sure if they can alter temperature and fluctuations, these are all speculation.

And in the hopes of establishing communication, we just assume “they” can hear and see us. But what if it’s the other way around? What if they can see us, but not hear us? What if they can hear us, but not see us? Would that possibly explain why we haven’t really been able to capture the specific activity we are hoping for?

There’s something we are missing. I can feel it in my gut. It could be staring us right in the face. But there is a missing link we need to figure out. Something must change. In our hearts of hearts, we know and truly believe there is something else out there. We need a new mind set though; we need fresh ideas. We need more scientific approaches. If you want a different result, its time to use different methods.

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