Gibbons Homestead – Whatipu

A few members of the team road-tripped out West to spend a fun night investigating the allegedly haunted Whatipu Lodge, where the ‘’Pink Lady’’, thought to be one Matilda Gibbons, is said to reside.

We also spent a few hours heading around to and spending some more time in the large cave (one of many in that region) that used to hold secret dance parties for the young locals that has also had many claims of strange and ghostly occurrences through the years.

In all it was a quiet but great fun night at the lodge, without anything we’d consider paranormal occurring. However, we did capture and experience a few things at the cave, that we worked through and debunked as being natural pareidolia and wildlife. Good to see such thought-out detective work unfold.

We’ll be returning for a few more visits in the future to try our luck at contacting (or even better, documenting) any of the reported deceased residents. Either at the lodge, or along the coastline that has seen much tragedy and intriguing mystery in its time. It’s a beautiful and fascinating strip of coastline that we are keen to explore further.

AWESOME WORK, TEAM! – Here’s a few pics taken by various team folk through the night. Enjoy!



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