Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents

On July 25th, 2020, the team returned to follow up on a location we had investigated back in 2014. The mid 1800s built Massey Homestead; situated in lush, landscaped grounds in Mangere, is one building the team have been wanting to revisit for a few years now.

It was a damn chilly night to be out, but the night sky was clear and the lighting in the area was superb for low-light photography.

Along with a few intriguing taps, knocks, a team member’s jacket being ”tugged” and maybe even footsteps, we had some rather interesting occurrences during our five-hour session, involving a small push-light trigger object which seemed to be a conduit for possible ‘’communication’’ during a session attempt in the Board Room.

Not going to make any early claims, but it was interesting for sure and the touch-light was doing things it shouldn’t be able to do. We captured the event on a few cameras, (Standard, phone, Infrared and Thermal Imaging). The captured footage from the different cameras and angles have been compiled here for your viewing.

We aren’t making any unfounded paranormal claims with this and are certainly not saying that a ghost is responsible for the light flashing as it did. We will leave the video snippets here for you to watch and come to your own conclusions. We certainly welcome any constructive opinions and thoughts if anyone has had a similar experience with the push-down type mini lights.

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