Book Review- Ghosts: Personal experiences from my Haunted Life Vol.1 – Amanda APS

I receive quite a few books in the post. Some are good, some are great and some, well some are a bit cringey, if I’m honest. This one, I’d fit snuggly in between the first two types.
A fascinating, personal insight into the paranormal life of one of Australia’s prolific spiritual investigators, this book definitely held my attention. In fact I read it in one sitting, which is a rarity for me, as I tend to flip and browse; put down and pick up a while later until it’s been completed.
Amanda has been experiencing the paranormal since age three. She’s a Writer, Sensitive, Medium, Empath and Healer, who runs the very popular Facebook community group Haunted, Old and Beautiful and is co-founder of the very respectable, Australian Paranormal Society.
Her tagline is ”The Raw Paranormal Writer” and this is clear by her journalistic note-taking style of writing. Simplistic and easy to follow, with every word coming from the heart, soul and the deepest and darkest of memories.

I get the feeling this might not have been an easy project for Amanda to write. There’s a sense of uneasy purging. It’s clear the experiences she has had in her life have affected her greatly; though I’m also seeing a personal growth. Of strength, via a fear of the unknown. From her childhood, adolescent encounters, to her interactions whilst working as a Nurse. The experiences noted during public Ghost Tour events, and paranormal occurrences during team investigations, this book left me intrigued. Also a little excited, a bit sad and concerned…and well, if I’m honest, a bit envious that she has experienced all that and I haven’t. There’s even a few pages where she dares delve into the rather controversial and dividing topic of ”orbs”.
Another great book to add to my collection, next to Amanda’s first published effort; ”From the Mind of a Medium”.

Recommended if you like your ghost stories real and raw.

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