Low lighting vs Subject movement [Two photographic examples from a recent investigation]

We wanted to share this with you as a very good example of how a low lit building can create its own ”ghosts” accidently, when photos are taken with no flash and a camera with a slower shutter speed setting. This photo was taken by Barbara using a torch, just before 3am on Sunday morning as we were packing up some equipment upstairs.

The ”Ghost” at the end of the hall is Mark.  His image and movement are blurred giving an eerie figure. See inset enlargement.



This is another photo taken by Barbara during that same investigation.

The ”Ghost” is actually another of the team, this time Lisa, walking past Barbara in a dark corridor.

Squint and you can make out Lisa’s face, her Haunted Auckland T-shirt, blue pants, and her hand holding a white Zoom audio recorder.


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