Bunchrew House – Inverness, Scotland

Still in Inverness; we thought we’d stay a few days, as it’s one of our favourite regions in this amazing country. Tonight’s haunted location is the very impressive Bunchrew House which proudly overlooks the Beauly Firth, just north of Loch Ness.

Bunchrew House Hotel in Inverness offers stunning views of the Beauly Firth. Built in the 1500s by Alexander of Lovat, it operated as a “black house” — a small home occupied by an entire family and their farm animals. It was expanded in 1621 by Simon of Lovat for his wife Jane before it landed into the hands of the Clan Mackenzie.
The connection to the Clan Mackenzie is what turns Bunchrew House Hotel into one of best haunted places to stay in Scotland. The paranormal activity recorded in the house is said to be caused by Isobel Mackenzie, spouse of the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie in the 1600s, Kenneth Mackenzie.

Unlike other haunted hotels in Scotland, Isobel is a gentle and non-threatening elderly woman who can be heard walking over creaky floorboards, seen casting shadows and creating the smell of burning firewood throughout the hotel. There’s a nice oil painting portrait of Isobel in the main entrance foyer!

I’m going to spend some time wandering the hallways and sitting in the Drawing and Dining rooms, as these are the parts of the house that Isobel Mackenzie is claimed to frequent often. Isobel  . – Mark

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