Undisclosed Location, Airport Oaks

The team was called in to check out this warehouse building in Mangere, that has staff constantly on edge with eerie feelings, a mysterious entity seen on security cameras, lights turning on and other sensations of general spookiness.

Airport Oaks


Haunted Auckland were called to look into this Mangere based business due to incidents of odd activity, sightings, feelings of unease and an overall sensation from staff members, that something wasn’t right. The building was built about 20 years ago by and was first used by a Freight Service. This was used by them until about 2007. Before this, it was farmland, previous to that, it was Maori land. Since the original freight company moved out, it has had various tenants.

Staff told us a story about how a security camera had shown that one night the lights in the office had been turned on and a figure was seen moving around inside the lit building. The strange thing was that the alarms were not set off and no-one ever admitted to going into the office that night.


Investigators on the night – Mark, Barbara and Heather.
Weather Conditions on the night – Warm and windy.
Luna Cycle – Half moon.

The area was a large second floor office space. Once on the second floor there was a short hallway with a small Staff Room / Kitchen to the right with toilets situated on the left and opposite the staff room. There was a small group of offices beside the toilets which were locked most of the time. The hallway then turned right and opened out into a large office space which was lined with windows. To one side these windows overlooked the car park and road whilst the other side looked over a huge warehouse which was full to the ceiling with pallets of toilet paper. At the far end of the large office space were three offices. One was situated on the left of the room and the others were side-by-side at the end of the room. An exit door separated the two offices from the single one. There were large holes in the ceiling where tiles had been moved or were missing completely. Some of these holes exposed air conditioning hoses and electrical wiring.

We entered the office and set up equipment including audio recorders, EMF meters, Thermometer, static infrared and standard video cameras, hand-held cameras, laser grid and various other data gathering gadgets.

Throughout the session the team noticed odd temperature fluctuations. We noted there were a large number glass panelled windows down one side of the office block we were in. This would’ve explained a constant temperature reading, but the levels rose and fell in short seemingly random moments. Short icy ‘blasts’ of wind were felt in parts of the building at times.

Two of Heather’s work colleagues came in while we were there and gave us access another main office. Here you could feel the difference in atmosphere of the offices. We were told that on the security cameras last year the lights had been switched on and off but there was no one in the office. Also there was a shadow that walked past the windows of the warehouse on the security camera. As for the exact day and time it happened they are not sure and it’s possible that the recording has now been taped over.
Airport Oaks

Heather – “Having worked in the building before in what is now the empty part of the office, I had always felt uncomfortable working in the area closest to the small offices at the end of the large office. The company is now in the smaller offices on the left as you come up the stairs. The place was stuffy and musky from not being used. The offices at the back of the larger office were cooler than the rest of the place. The left office at one time housed communications. This had a weird atmosphere to it. The weirdest room was where the computers and servers use to be, in the left hand room. I use to sit by the window overlooking the warehouse and always felt uneasy sitting there. One of the ladies I work with mentioned that she had felt something in the communications office, and was relieved when they moved to the other end of the office.”

Mark – “A few times during the night I felt a sharp, whip-like icy breeze swipe the back of my neck. There was no air conditioning, Heat pumps, open windows or open doors in the area that would have explained that one away.”

Barbara – “The temperature in the investigation area did seem to fluctuate quite a lot. I noticed that in the main big office area it seemed to be much warmer at one stage and when I went to the top of the stairwell (just after Mark had seen the shadow) I felt that my back and the backs of my legs were much hotter than the rest of me. I was feeling hotspots. The temperature seemed to be fluctuating between normal (most of the time) and hot (a few times). I probably would have to say the large office area was of the most interest to me. That was where I had a sense on something being and that was where we had some of our equipment indicate possible activity. Also the little hallway which ran off it was where a small shadow was seen. I did see a sparkly light towards the far end of the large room and Mark saw a shadow in the hallway leading into it. I had a sense of something being in the large room at times but I don’t think it was ever human, like it was on a different level. I had a sense of something being in the whole area we were in (including Heather’s office, hallway, kitchen and stairwell) I don’t think it was with us the whole time and that it came and went. I don’t have a name as I suspect that this energy was not human.”

As a trigger test Barbara set up a torch on the table in the kitchen and asked if it could be rolled over the table.
Airport Oaks

Barbara – “I stayed and conducted an EVP session for a short time then left a recorder and the torch on the table. A plastic bag was also on the table and it was suggested that if anything was there it could move the torch or crinkle the bag.”

The team conducted numerous EVP attempts during the night. On reviewing the audio, nothing stood out as being strange. Hundreds of photos were taken, hours of audio and video evidence. We had some promising responses at times with our meters and sensors indicating a change in environment, though, unfortunately the moments were random, short and far between.

Barbara reported seeing a “twinkle” in one area in the middle of the room later in the evening but was unable to capture this on camera. Mark reported seeing a black shadow in the hallway so I set up my infra-red camera to watch the area.

Mark – “As I was walking across the room, from left to right, I looked over to the short hallway leading into the room. I fleetingly saw a very short shadow peek out from the wall. It was only about 2 feet tall. I responded to this by rushing to the area, initially assuming that I had seen something like a black cat sticking its head out of a door in the hallway. It was when I got to the place it had happened, I noticed there was no door at all. It was a flat straight and plain wall with no doors. Usually if I see a shadow, its at the corner of my eye, so can possibly be put down to a visual reflection distortion caused by a cornea. This time was different, as I had looked up with head turned, looking straight at the hall with both eyes focussed. I was unable to find a suitable explanation at the time.”

It was around that time that Barbara also reported a shadow following her in that area. The group was unsuccessful at coming up with an explanation for that either.


Airport Oaks

Barbara – “I didn’t have a sense of anything being there initially. However I do think that there was something that visited us at times during the investigation. It was a bit of a strange one. It was quite difficult as it was basically one large room. However we did seem to get some activity although it did seem to come and go. Whatever was there seemed intelligent enough to follow instructions after it set my stud finder off. I think we did pretty well actually. Probably would have been a good place to have the DV-R system set up as we literally could have had all areas covered. I thought the area had a very neutral feeling to it most of the time. Occasionally I had a sense of something being there but I don’t know if it was a human spirit. It felt more like an energy or charge in the air. During our investigation we had possible indicators that there may be been some form of spirit or energy present. My Stud finder (which I was trialling) seemed to pick up energy which was strong enough to, at times, make the machine flash and beep. (This would normally indicate a strong source of electrical energy nearby.) Whatever was causing this to happen did seem to sometimes be doing this in response to our questions. I sensed that there may be some sort of spirit or energy there and that it moves around (the whole building possibly). I think it may be intelligent mainly due to the possible responses to our requests and questions.”

Heather – “There was a feeling of someone being there, but not sure why or from which era. Still hope to find out more info about the history of the area, but there’s not much has been recorded. The place was creepy and still is. Since discovering the “shadow” from the lunch room, I have since seen it during the day (afternoon) when I was leaving to go home. A work colleague who sits at the back of our office and can see directly out the door is keeping a look out for it. And even walking around it during the day makes me feel uncomfortable. The staff there are very interested in what we do and what we have discovered. The boss has felt things herself and has mentioned that it might be good if we were to arrange a cleansing for the whole top floor.” 

Mark – “Whilst I did see a short shadow briefly, had a few interesting meter responses to our EVP questioning, felt numerous icy air movements and our meters detected fluctuations in atmospheric conditions in the building, I personally don’t find this conclusive evidence enough to label the building ‘haunted’. I noticed EMF readings would rise in areas where the roofing tiles had been removed and wiring was dangling down. Perhaps this would explain some of the uneasy feelings from those working an 8 hour day there? More time spent in the building could shed more light into what the staff are seeing and feeling.”

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