Aimee visits Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – UK

Today Aimee visited one of the oldest pubs in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.
It claims to have been established in 1189, the year Richard the Lionheart became King. It was the time of the Crusades…and Robin Hood is rumoured to have hidden out there.
It is built into the cliff walls of Nottingham Castle and has its own sandstone caves which were used for breweries, overflow cells for the castle’s prisoners… and now some caves are locations for patrons to have a pint and bite.
It is rumoured to be haunted – being built into the walls like this would certainly link nicely with the stone tape theory!
The most famous haunted link is actually a haunted object – a galleon that is reported to lead to the deaths of anyone who cleaned it. It is now covered in huge amounts of dust and behind glass above one of the bars. Other haunted tales include a mischievous previous landlord known as “Yorkie” who plays tricks on staff in the cellar areas, a chair that gets women pregnant when they sit on it, a painting in the haunted snug which has eyes that constantly follow you, and the ghost of Queen Isabella (King Edward III’s mother) crying and speaking medieval French nearby as she tries to find her lover Roger Mortimer who was executed by the King.
What a cool place huh! And the food is good too!!! – Aimee

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