A Different Kind of Normal- by Kathy McBride / Ghost Hunting Made Simple – by Jeanette Kamper


A couple of recently recieved books I’ve just finished reading on the paranormal investigation topic….Firstly, the locally written;

A Different Kind of Normal, by Kathy McBride.

Kathy is a psychic medium based in Wellington. This being her first attempt at writing a book. It’s a self released publication chalking up a somewhat bulky, but enjoyable 300 something pages (they aren’t numbered so I’m not sure). Being raw and totally autobiographical, it’s a tell-all history of Kathy’s life; from birth till today. The harsh realities; the lows, highs, sadness and fears. Kathy certainly doesn’t hold back and does some serious purging; something i really do respect in people within this field. Honesty and transparency. The book focusses mainly on her life and the medium / spiritualist side of it, but also touches on the public ghost hunts and investigations that also fill spaces in her timeline. It’s an interesting book. Easy to read, flows well and is refreshing in it’s straight up attitude. The 4 pages of personal photos in the middle are also a nice touch.


Ghost Hunting Made Simple by Jeanette Kamper

I received this yesterday and have just put it down. A great little read from Australian paranormal researcher, Jeanette Kamper from S.C.I (Spirit Connection Investigators)

Ghost Hunting Made Simple is a handy, common sense D.I.Y guide for anyone wanting to try their hand at ghost hunting or paranormal investigation. It is 136 pages (126 plus a few blank pages for investigation notes) and explains in easy to understand terms, what the paranormal field is all about, types of hauntings, EVPS, orbs, poltergeists, communication, protection, equipment to use etc etc. Jeanette has covered many bases here and offers alot of helpful tips. An enjoyable read that I know many will find helpful, and know many teams that would benefit greatly from reading it. Recommended to all paranormal newbies.


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