Centennial Street, Auckland Museum. Final week before closing down after 48 years.

Auckland Museum is closing the doors on an exhibition that’s been running for almost five decades, to make way for a new World War I display. The Auckland 1866 gallery (known as Centennial Street) shows business and residential premises as they might have appeared in the rapidly growing seaport town of Auckland in the late nineteenth century.
The exhibition will close on September 28, after being on display for 48 years.

The closure will allow the museum to begin restoration work on the East Gallery, and to build a new WWI commemorative centre.
The museum will have a farewell weekend for the exhibition at the end of the month.

I went to the Auckland Museum today for one final wander though this little town that fascinated me throughout my childhood and will be missed by many that have grown up with it being a special part of their lives.

Photos by Mark Wallbank


  1. How can they even consider removing this special part of Auckland’s memorabilia … to create a WW1 memorial … I consider this peaceful collection a far more important piece of history for young kiwi kids and visitors to enjoy . Thanks for writing about it and letting me see the pictures again as now live in Australia but this street has made an indelible impression on my psyche. being a part of a street like that has a way of stirring the imagination and interest in history of our beautiful city

  2. There are enough war memorabilia in the museum already. Centennial street has always been my favourite part in the museum. I don’t wish to see MORE dreary war stuff in there.

  3. jan

    OMG ever since a little kid Ive been going to the museum and thats my favorite part, I love looking at all the old packaging, shop fit outs etc…theres enough war stuff give us a break….

  4. Lan Lin

    The exhibit needs to stay according to popular opinion judging from the posts and also many who have signed the petition to keep it.

    Ignoring these responses may alienate some from the museum.

  5. Shelley

    Im so upset reading this. I visited the museum as a child many times and loved Centennial Street. My brother and i would often be there for hours discussing what it must have been like. Try to get that sort of interest out of young kids about history these days and you’d be pushing it. What a terrible shame

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