The White Lady of Worstead Church

In August, 1975, Diane Berthelot visited the St Mary Church in Worstead, North Norfolk, UK, along with her husband and son.

They ducked into the church to get out of the heat. Diane took a seat on a pew towards the front of the church, while her husband took some photographs.
It was not until they returned home, after the holiday, that Diane found this ‘extra’, dressed in old-fashioned clothes and a bonnet, seated behind her.

A Ghost Story


In  the 1830’s, a man was staying in the Kings Head Tavern in Worstead,  North Norfolk, United Kingdom, where he heard about the legend of the  White Lady of Worstead Church.

The legend stated that the White Lady would appear every Christmas Eve,  and anyone who witnessed her, would suffer an untimely death.   This gentleman, not believing in such tomfoolery, stated that he would  stay in the church, and if the White Lady appeared he would kiss her. As  it also happened to be Christmas Eve, he was definitely keen to put the  legend to the test, and show these backward local folk a thing or two! He entered the church and climbed the belfry.   After a time, and with anxiety building over his late return, his  friends went searching for him. They found him huddled in the belfry. He  was shaking with fright, and muttering to himself. He was obviously  dying. His last words were; ‘I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her


This story is now adorned in pride of place at The White  Lady Pub in  Worstead. Once known as the ‘New Inn’, it changed it’s name  to ‘The  White Lady’ in 2011, when its new owner took over the  business. The  owner took inspiration from his own home, the building  which used to be  the Kings Head. So,  with the Lady in White apparently the cause  for at least one untimely  demise on Christmas Eve, you may be surprised  to find out that the  locals now believe she is a more benevolent  spirit…

A Ghost Photo


In  1975 Diane Berthelot, and her husband and son, were enjoying their  yearly holiday out at North Norfolk. It was a hot August day, and the  family decided to visit the church and get out of the heat.
Diane had been quite unwell, and took advantage of one of the pews  towards the front of the church. She gave a quick prayer for better  health as her husband took in the sights and a few photographs.
It was not until they got home after their holiday that they realised  something mysterious had taken place. As the family were going through  their photographs, they were shocked to see that Diane had a mysterious  extra sitting behind her in the church, a church they are certain they  were alone in that day.

This extra looks to be wearing  old-fashioned clothes,  perhaps made of the Worstead Cloth the village is  well known for, and a  bonnet. She is also bathed in a bright white  light. It was quite a curiosity for them, and a curiosity it remained until their holiday back to North Norfolk the following summer.    The Berthelot family returned to the church, and showed the photo to a   vicar. He explained the legend of the White Lady, and told them she  was a  caring, healing soul. It was at this point that Diane realised  the  ailment she had been struggling with for some time, had in fact  been  eased somewhat, after that original visit the year before.   The  photo is now on display at The White Lady pub, and ever since  strange  things have taken place there; lights turning themselves on,  glasses  moved around and the feeling of been touched while in the  cellar.   However, it is not a scary haunting, but rather  comforting, knowing  that perhaps the White Lady now resides in the  building bearing her  name. No one knows the true identity of The White Lady of Worstead Church.

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