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“Cooo me, we have more UFO sightings than anywhere on the planet, and don’t forget our ‘temporal doorway’ that allows these aliens to come and go,” explained a New Zealand local in hyping “UFO tourism” down under in a country best known for its strange greenish kiwifruit, Lord of the Rings films and homeland for moody actor Russell Crowe.

New Zealand’s recent claim to fame as being “one of the top places for UFO sightings” happened in the wake of the recent release of more than 2,000 UFO “eyewitness accounts” that link this remote nation — that’s situated east of Australia and across the Tasman Sea — where locals say “there’s more UFO lights in the sky at night than kiwi’s in the fields.” While New Zealand’s popular newspaper “The Dominion Post” has claimed it would scan and print each and every major document from the country’s recent top secret hoard of UFO files – including the legendary UFO sightings at “Kaikoura” – there’s been enough details about “alien gangs” roaming New Zealand’s remote regions — and something dubbed an “alien temporal doorway” — to attract thousands of UFO fans to this country that’s currently marketing the filming locations of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

New Zealand’s alien temporal doorway linked in NZ government reports to U.K. UFO reports

One strange thing about the recently released New Zealand UFO documents, says a local named ”Nasburg” in The Dominion Post and reported on the national New Zealand website stuff.co.nz is New Zealanders visiting family back in England report seeing the same type of “UFO trails in the forests.”

“We thought these clearings in our woods – that resemble something pushed down by lots of trucks riding over a field – were just something that was happening in the forest.” However, Nasburg and other New Zealand ufologits found “linkage” in the recently released New Zealand UFO documents to the so-called “Rendlesham Forest Incident” — that is highlighted in the U.K. UFO documents (released back in March) – may explain what’s happening “all over New Zealand,” writes Nasburg.

In turn, the U.K. UFO documents noted that the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” took place in December 1980 after “several sightings of UFOs were reported in Rendlesham Forest” in an Eastern region of England. Ufologists believe what happened in the Rendlesham Forest – where a “UFO trail” was formed throughout the forest by something that pressed down all vegetation “as if a dozen steamrollers had been there,” is a possible “path” to what’s been developing down in New Zealand “in mass during 2011.”

In turn, the regions of New Zealand where the “UFO trails” are spotted and now investigated points to what Nasburg writes “are locations for temporal doorways where the aliens who’ve landed can come and go,” with speculation that where they go is a parallel universe or realm.

Moreland Sighting from 1959 touted in New Zealand as “our Roswell”

New Zealand’s “Moreland Sighting from 1959” has been characterized as a massive amount of lights, creating “great brightness” as if the sun from above the clouds was producing bright, bright lights that illuminated the forest below.

“Among the hundreds of UFO sightings in New Zealand, only one was fully investigated, reported press.co.nz, a popular news site in New Zealand. “Public and media interest in the infamous Kaikoura UFO sightings in 1978, coupled with strong personal interest from Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, led to a detailed report. This is the first time it has been publicly released,” stated a recent stuff.co.nz report.

“The Kaikoura case was a special one in which the Government asked the RNZAF to investigate,” states an official Defense Force letter in the files.

Numerous other UFO “sightings” in New Zealand have been reported by the public to the police, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Defense Ministry.

In addition, stuff.co.nz also noted that “some reports were cross-checked among the agencies “primarily to determine whether there may be a physical reason for the phenomenon, like a large aircraft or a meteorological balloon catching the sunlight at high altitude,” the letter states. Otherwise, they were dismissed. “

Also, there was a UFO hunter group headed by “the Adamski Correspondence Groups,” based in Auckland and Timaru.

In one file, dated 1955, the Adamski group sent questions to purported American flying saucer expert George Adamski, stated stuff.co.nz. “In his answers he revealed that flying saucers were made of aluminum and other minerals, some of which had been found to come to Earth in a ‘jelly-like form, already disintegrating and by the time you pick up the jelly there is nothing but a bad odor left.’”

“At 5.35am on July 13, 1959, Blenheim farmer Mrs. FE Moreland was bringing her cows into the shed when she noticed a green light above her in the clouds. Soon an oval shaped UFO with two green beams of light and ‘fiery orange jets’ settled above her, enveloping her in a ‘peculiar green glow,’” added the stuff.co.nz report.

“Fleeing for the shelter of nearby pine trees, she claims to have spotted two men inside the craft, dressed in ‘silvery, shiny suits from the waist upwards” with headgear “like drivers helmets which glittered very brightly. The object appeared to hover for a few seconds, and then with a high-pitched whistle took off, leaving behind “a waft of hot, peppery air.’”

Also, stuff.co.nz noted that “in what appears to be an official summary of facts, the author said Moreland seemed to “quite honestly believe” she had seen the craft, which flew off ‘at a speed that would make a vampire look like it was standing still.’”

Of the alien spacecraft, she said “it was certainly a nice machine, whatever it was?”

New Zealand’s approach to UFO sightings is linked to regular citizens telling their stories

“Some reports of sightings come from those who are genuinely puzzled about something they have seen and are made in good faith. Others are taken up by those for whom UFOs it seems will explain all the mysteries of the universe. The ministry should not, in my view, willingly get drawn into the pursuit of chimera and should avoid providing fuel for fevered imaginations,” reported stuff.co.nz, while noting that “in another response to an OIA request, this time by conspiracy theorist journalist Ian Wishart, a Defense Ministry official, said it held no information ‘whatsoever’ to suggest that aliens had landed in New Zealand or that ‘they or their spacecraft have been sighted here.’”

“I know that some people claim to have identified these things (UFOs) and even to have consorted with aliens,” added another haunting report from the recently released New Zealand UFO files that go on to report “alien gangs roam the country.”

New Zealand government “looking into alien gangs” and other forest sightings

New Zealand Prime minister Sir Rob Muldoon “took a special interest in the investigation and “asked [that] he be informed of Defense’s conclusions to the study it was undertaking,” added the stuff.co.nz report, while also stating that “according to a Defense Force letter from 1984, Kaikoura was the only UFO sighting fully investigated by New Zealand’s air force. When sightings continued and worldwide media coverage ensued, the air force said it was forced to investigate.”

In turn, the Kaikoura investigation “failed to pinpoint a single cause of the unexplained lights and radar readings, but concluded almost all the sightings could be explained by factors including unusual atmospheric conditions, lights from a Japanese squid fleet, or a glow from the planet Venus. “

New Zealand’s documents point to tens of thousands of UFO sightings, but few details?

“In 2000, two UFOs were sighted above Roseneath. The first was a small triangular shape with an orange light at the back and a white ‘beam of light’ at the front, while the second was described as larger, with a white light,” stated stuff.co.nz. “Apparently, the smaller UFO flew underneath the larger one, before a beam of light from the mother ship danced across Evans Bay Parade. In 1998, a Porirua resident who refused to be identified, but who officials said sounded “calm and puzzled”, claimed to have seen a large, oval, reddish-pink bright object with flashing lights appear at high altitude above the western hills of Porirua. After zooming across the valley, it hovered above the eastern hills for 25 minutes, occasionally ‘shuddering in place [up and down] before steadying down again.’ In January 1995, three teenagers reported seeing a star-like object moving in a ‘zig-zag fashion’ in the sky above Eastbourne, from where they were lying watching the stars by the Marsden Memorial. The object circled overhead, then returned to hover above Eastbourne,” added a report in New Zealand’s The Dominion Post.

For more information on the massive hoard of New Zealand’s once top secret UFO files go to: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4486327/Original-files-NZs-UFO-sightings

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