UFO sighting over Dunedin, New Zealand two consecutive nights

A resident of Dunedin, New Zealand has captured video of a UFO, or UFOs, hovering in the sky for two consecutive nights. The UFO sightings took place on the evenings of Sunday, March 13, 2011 and Monday, March 14, 2011.

The video of these recent UFO sightings is broken into two parts, one for each consecutive night of the sighting. The first portion of the video has the following commentary on the bottom of the screen, “8:28 PM 13 March 2011 Are these landing lights on a Plane? Dunedin Airport located towards far left of screen . . . Otago Peninsula extends towards right of screen . . . object held position for few minutes. Sanyo HD Camera 1500X Zoom, no Tripod. Duration of sighting was 6-8 minutes.”

The second half of the video has the following notation: “8:38 PM 14 March 2011 Same location next night. Same U.F.O.? Duration of sighting was 8-10 minutes.”

Throughout the video, the unidentified flying object seems to glow, flicker, and move (although it could be the camera shaking). However, at the 2:23 mark, the video gets really interesting as the orb changes color several times and even appears to change shape.

by Tracey Parece



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