Alien Big Cats in New Zealand

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Alien Big Cat (ABCs) are alive and well in New Zealand and the sightings of them are becoming many and frequent.

Now, before you really think I’m crazy (more than usual anyway), let me educate you as to what Alien Big Cats are.

Alien Big Cats (ABCs, Phantom Cats, Mystery Cats) don’t have anything to do with UFOs (usually anyway). The word ‘alien’ in this context simply means ‘out of place’. ABCs are not creatures unknown to science but are well-known cats which are sighted in unexpected places. Their location creates the mystery, rather than their existence.

My ‘need-to-know-bordering-on-obsession’ tendency was aroused yesterday when I read an article about an ABC sighting in our local newspaper…

18-year-old student Carl Swanson is adamant he saw a large lion recently near a quarry in Kaiwaka (Northland, NZ). He is keen to revisit the site but will not do so unless he has a gun. The reporter who wrote the story happens to be my neighbour (no kidding). I spoke with him last night, and he believes Swanson’s story is absolutely genuine.

The documented eye-witness reports of ABCs in New Zealand are too numerous to be ignored. All evidence points to the fact that there really are mysterious big-cat specimens roaming the bush and countryside.

“How did they get here?”, any sane person will ask. The most probable answer is the accidental release/escape into the wild from zoos, wild-life parks etc.

Interestingly enough, Zion Wildlife Gardens is situated just 60km north of where the lion was seen.

So, if you ever happen to see a mysterious cat-like creature roaming the New Zealand countryside, think twice before you choose not to believe your eyes, keep a camera ready, and maybe, as Carl Swanson suggests, a gun.

Some documented ABC sightings in New Zealand (For extensive information on ABC’s in NZ please visit: Mysterious New Zealand

2008: Lion, Kaiwaka Quarry, South of Whangarei, Northland
04/08/06: Big Black Cat, Haketere (north side of the Ashburton River Mouth)
03/05/05: Big Black Cat, Mid Canterbury
11/10/03: Black Panther, PPCS meatworks in Fairton, 8 km north of Ashburton
03/10/03: Black Panther Mayfield, 35 kilometres west of Ashburton
2002: Big Black Puma-like Cat sighted at night in Omaui, south of Invercargill
2001: Black Panther, Farm at Winterslow, Alford Forest
1999: Black Panther, Banks Peninsula
13/12/99: Mountain Lion, Moeraki (or Lake Moeraki)
16/07/99: Black Panther, Lindis Pass
08/98: Mountain Lion, Dunstan Ranges, near Cromwell
* 1996: Black Panther, Twizel
* 1996: Big Black Puma-like Cat sighted at night in Omaui, south of Invercargill


  1. Rachel

    Hi! This afternoon we were driving from Wanaka to Cromwell and about 20 minutes before we arrived to Cromwell I saw a large light ginger cat like looking animal just walking on the edge of the mountain. Except it certainly wasn’t a cat. It walked just like a tiger would, had a long tail that went to he ground and hung it’s head low like tigers do, I could also tell that it had large paws as how tigers walk when they pick there paws up. It was in the afternoon about 3:30 and it was as clear as day to my eyes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cars behind me saw it too. When I first saw it I thought ‘what the hell is that, I didn’t know nz had tigers’. Unfortuanely I didn’t think to get my camera out and I regret not turning the car around. But I can certainly say hand over heart that it was not just a ‘cat’.

  2. Dirk de Bruin

    I live in Fairview Heights, Auckland. This morning when I got up at around 7:40, there was a very large black ‘cat’ at my fish pond trying to catch fish. I initially saw this big black thing in the corner of my eye and looked again. It was definitely bigger than a house cat. I did not think to get my camera as I was so shocked that I just wanted to get him away from my pond so I ran out and he climbed my fence and was gone. It was only then that O thought…wait a bit, I have never seen such a large cat. I came inside to google it and that is how I got to this website. Perhaps I am wrong, but again…it was way too big for a house cat.

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