Trigger objects

What are trigger objects? What is their purpose? And do they really work?

Among the various strenuous, boring, and time-consuming methods Paranormal investigators and enthusiasts have used in the past in the hopes of enticing spiritual interactions, is that of using trigger objects. I have been asked whether a “haunted object” if you believed in such, could be used as a trigger object. This sent my mind racing down the rabbit hole again.

To start off with, a trigger object is an object that is particularly used to try and stir up any potential paranormal activity. This can literally be any object of a kind. Personally, I feel if one was to make use of a trigger object, it needed to be connected to either the property where the activity is said to manifest or connected to the spirit who is believed to be involved in that particular haunting.

However paranormal investigators have for many years made use of trigger objects that aren’t necessarily connected to the haunting, property, or location in any way. For example, toys have been known to be used as trigger objects. Usually in hauntings that are believed to involve children’s spirits if you will. Or a haunting on a school ground for example. Toys such as electronic trains, teddy bears, balls, etc are all used with the intent to lure one if not all of these “spirit children” present, enticing them to “come out and play”. I once took part in such an experiment where we used an electronic toy train, we removed the batteries to see if the touch of a “ghost child” could possibly light up the train, or even better yet, make it move by itself.

Unfortunately, not much success came from that experiment.
Other paranormal investigators tend to place a ball on the floor or staircase, again to see, if they, can attract a “child spirit” to interact with it. Even though we did not witness any activity as such, we did eventually notice after reviewing our footage, that the ball did indeed move, just exceptionally slowly.
Of course, this could not have been considered evidence as such, as there are always many other factors that could have contributed to a ball moving on its one. It was interesting to see though.
Placing coins down on a white piece of paper is also a technique you can try. Circling them with a pencil and then leaving them to see later on, if there were any slight movements or adjustments made.
I believe that trigger objects may have a better chance of potentially working if they had more of a meaning-relevant connection to the haunting at hand. Something that carried personal meaning and value to whos’ ever it’s meant to reach on the other side.
For example, if you are going to try and connect with Granna who passed away years ago, try using an object that meant a lot to her. Something she loved or used a lot. It could be as simple as a hairbrush, favourite pair of shoes, perfume or jewellery.

I am not saying it’s going to work, I am merely pointing out, that if you were going to experiment with trigger object, they should most probably “trigger” the intended spirit.
So, what if your trigger object is supposed to be a haunted object as well? Like a doll, or painting etc. Would this work? Truth is, I don’t know. Obtaining a supposedly haunted objects to experiment with is a challenge all by itself, would it have any relevance to an investigation? Possibly? I do think this is an experimental technique worth having a closer look at.
I have recently been contacted by someone who told me they had in their possession drawings made by mental patients who were institutionalised many years ago at a very prominent, yet now closed and abandoned mental estate. He wanted me to have them, to use for experimental purposes as trigger objects. So, this is my challenge on hand.

Let me know your thoughts on trigger objects or haunted objects used as triggered objects. You can privately message me your ideas, theories and even stories. I would love to hear them!

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