Trademe Ghost auction bids rise

FOR SALE: The ghost of Les Graham, a man who died in the 1920s, is for sale on TradeMe

The invisible hand of the market is driving up the price of a pair of ghosts for sale on auction website Trademe.
Christchurch-based seller Melvin S is selling two vials he says contain spirits exorcised from his house and bottled.
So far, bidding had reached $410, and incited hundreds of comments, with advice ranging from how to get rid of the spirits for good, to the ethics of selling someone else’s captured immortal essence.
Before the exorcism, the seller said he and his partner were plagued by noises, strange “vibes” and the mysterious flicking of switches. After contacting spiritualist churches, they were referred to an exorcist, who put the ghosts in the bottles.
Since having their troublesome housemates removed last July, the couple had experienced no further disruptions, he said.
The two spirits – an “old man” thought to be Les Graham, who lived in the house during the 1920s, and a powerful and disruptive “little girl”, who apparently turned up after the couple experimented with a ouija board – were kept sleeping through holy water in the vials with them.
The seller had received, and responded to, a number of comments from sceptics, Christians, and others accusing him of charlatanism.
To one poster, who called him “absolutely sick” for selling the spirits of someone’s family members, he replied “its no more sick than thinking Jesus watches us from the clouds and will return as the light lol.”
To another doubter, he said: “all i have to go on is that the activity in my house has stopped now that they are bottled. :)”
Melvin S said he had tried to contact family of the old man ghost, but had so far been unsuccessful.
All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the SPCA, minus the expenses incurred by the exorcist’s visit.

The Trademe auction reads….
Captured ghosts from our house

Captured by an exorsist from a spiritualist church
one spirit we believe is a man by the name of Les Graham, managed to track down a photo. He died in the house in the 1920’s.
Exorsist believes this spirit likes to make himself known and spook people. but he is not a very strong spirit.
The other spirit came from when me and my partner stupidly did an Oujia Board. We believe it is a little girl who likes to move things and turn things on and off. Exorsist says she is VERY strong and if left will get stronger.
We have had no activity since they were bottled on July 15th 2009 . So i believe they are in the bottles.
They are bottled with holy water as aparantly the water dulls the spirits energy, sort of puts them to sleep.
To revive the spirit, i have been told that you pour into a little dish and let it evaporate into your house.
I just want to get rid of them as they scare me. But someone might like these to play with.
So if you like ghosts, heres two real ones!

UPDATE:  The winning bid was $5000!

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