The Unseen World: Afterlife Research – By Ryan O’Neill

While over in Scotland recently, I had the great pleasure of spending a day/night with the great guys from Scottish Paranormal, who are leading the research field over there in great strides. They took me out and showed me some of their fav’ local haunts; including the stunning Balgonie Castle. With a couple of writers in their team that have recently released, we arranged for some mutual sneaky book signing and ‘’swapsies’’ in an Aldi shopping center carpark. Mine for theirs. Score!
Finally I got a little time to have a read through them.
The first one is Ryan O’Neill’s, The Unseen World: Afterlife Research. A bloody decent chap with a wealth of knowledge and a burning passion/ obsession to seek the elusive answers; this is his first book effort and I have to say it’s a very good read. Clocking in at a healthy and readable 122 pages, it certainly covers a lot of areas. From personal experiences and investigation tips and methods to fascinating articles on the many locations that Ryan and team have investigated in the past. Really enjoy this book. Well well-written and easy to absorb.

I particularly like this quote from Ryan on the final back page. It mirrors my own personal thoughts on this field we’re in, perfectly.
‘’Personal experience trumps academia if the student does not take action with an open mind. Read and repeat is easy and does not foster new thought, the basis of our education establishments, but forming a firm understanding of the world around us can only be achieved by direct experiences and takes courage and strong action’’ – Ryan O’Neill
I recommend this one to all paranormalists out there; new and seasoned.
Available from Amazon.
Check out their FB page and tell ém I sent ya! – Mark


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