How To See Ghosts

This page offers some of the ways we have come across during our research,  that other people, paranormal teams and investigators have discovered  that have allowed them to “see ghosts” We can not vouch for the  authenticity of any of these experiences, methods or experiments.

 Video Feedback
How can you see a ghost in your own home,
even if you don’t think it’s haunted? There may be a way using a home video  camera through a technique known as video feedback…
This page at shows you how to set it up:
Place your video camera on a  tripod and aim it at your TV set.
Connect the video camera to the  TV so that what the video camera sees in shown live on the TV.
In  other words, you’re taking video of what the camera is seeing on the  TV.
Zoom in so that the TV screen  fills the video frame.
Watch the show.
You’ll want to tape it at the  same time so you can replay the video frame by frame.
What will you see?
The technique induces video feedback, which can produce a lot of strange  images – and in some cases what appear to be human faces. Are they  ghosts?
Several examples of this weirdness can be seen further down on this page…

Recording Video ITC using a Video Editor

If you have a digital camcorder, the Klaus Schreiber Method can be easily adapted for use with video capture and  editing software.  To do this, follow these  steps:
  1. Connect your camcorder to the computer, using the USB or Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable.
  2. Open your video editing software (e.g., Windows  Movie Maker) and select “capture video”. Choose a filename for the recording.
  3. Set the manual focus of the camcorder at about 12 inches (30cm). Do not use autofocus.
  4. Hold the camcorder about 6-10 inches (15-25cm) from  the screen and point it at the preview window in your video editing software. You should see the output from the  camcorder in the preview window.
  5. Slowly zoom in on the center of the preview window until you see the swirling clouds, then stop zooming.
  6. Start video capture (you do not need  to record using  the camcorder, but you can also do this if you want to make a backup).
  7. If you wish, talk to the “spirits”, inviting them to appear, or ask questions.
  8. While you are recording, gently aim the camcorder into the dark areas and swirling clouds.
  9. When you have finished recording, examine every  frame of the video for any anomalous images. You can use your video  editing software to take pictures of individual  frames.
  10. If  you are not satisfied with the results, try  experimenting with different focus, zoom and distance from the screen.
The short video clip below demonstrates the basic  procedure. This video was made using a Sony DCR-H37E digital camcorder, which has a 40x optical zoom, and Windows Movie  Maker.

How To See and Talk To Ghosts    – by  “Dream Whip”

When seeking out the paranormal, whatever your feelings are on such matters, it is important to address them honestly before starting to look for  ghosts. Many people are more comfortable not knowing what is going on  around them. Some get hit with unexpected fear of the unknown which can  draw negative entities to them. Seeing and communicating with ghosts is a simple process. It does take a bit of sensitivity to your environment,  but if you are willing to do the work, you will get good results. Ghosts and entities surround us all the time. It is a rare place that never  has any activity in it of this nature! In general, the best place to  start looking for ghosts is not a haunted house or castle, but your own  home!
To begin this process, in a safe and relaxed manner, we will break it into three parts. First we will wish to shield, for comfort and safety,  second we will introduce the basic method of seeing ghosts, and third,  the techniques used to communicate with them will be explored. Find a  room where you can sit comfortably and relax. Take a few minutes to  clear your mind, but keep your eyes open. Darken the room, but leave at  least a small light source, as it will make it easier to define what you are looking at in relationship to the room.


Imagine an egg shaped sphere around you. Hold in your mind the idea of this  shield keeping you safe from all intrusive energy that may be present.  Feel secure in your shielding; it will protect you from harm. Maintain  this field for several minutes, this will allow it to have enough  strength to last if your attention waivers, which it probably will the  first few times you see a ghost!

Seeing Ghosts: 

There are several techniques you can use to sense and perceive ghosts, use  any that works for you, or be creative and create your own technique as  you progress. These basic techniques will let almost everyone see ghosts within ten to fifteen minutes. I suggest you start here and experiment  as you improve.
Hold your mind as free of thoughts as possible.  Allow your eyes to defocus and your body to relax. Slow you eye  movements and scan the room by moving your head. After a few moments you will notice parts of your visual field that you usually ignore, subtle  things that are always there. As you pay attention to movement, flashes  of light or colour, or even a “sense” of presence, keep your eyes  relaxed.
Alternatively you can “see” most of the same things with your eyes closed! Close your eyes and keep your mind as clear as  possible. Focus your attention ahead of you, much as if you were looking with your physical eyes. This helps most people concentrate, as it is a part of their normal functioning patterns. After a few moments you will likely notice movement in the room around you. It is not uncommon to be able to sense the room and the people in it, in a fashion that leaves  ghostly images in your mind.
With a bit of practice you will  begin to notice forms moving through the space you are looking at. Some  will ignore you no matter what you do, but many take your attention as a sign that they should try to interact with you! If you respond in a  kind and gentle manner, you will find that you can open up communication with some of them.

Communicating With Ghosts: 

Ghosts will often try to communicate in several ways, they will gesture, mouth words, generate words using ambient sounds and communicate on a  telepathic level. By paying attention to what they do and say you can  often get very clear pictures of what it is they wish to tell you.
If you keep your mind very clear, you will be able to pick up the  impressions that the ghosts or entity is trying to send you. Remember  that even though some entities will try to frighten you, they have no  real power over you. In fact you are far more powerful, having a body to generate useful energy to perform the task at hand, as well as having  the ability to use environmental energy like they do. Don’t let them  intimidate you. This is the main reason for being well shielded at the  beginning of this adventure, not so much for protection, as you probably won’t need it, but to prevent fear from entering you mind.

To  send a message that they can understand, simply hold the concept, the  impression, you wish them to receive, in your mind. Given a clear and  focused impression, they will likely come to understand you in just a  few moments!

Some words of warning before you start… After a  few days of regular practice communicating with ghosts, hundreds or even thousands may appear, all vying for your attention! This can seem  overwhelming at first, to say the least! Remember though, that you can  shield your person or home to keep them out, even specific rooms in your house, such as the bathroom, or you can simply ignore them.
If  you go back to being boring, by not talking to them, they will rapidly  seek entertainment elsewhere! Give them no attention for a week and all  but the most dedicated will be gone.

With a little work, you can experience many of the same things that the top mediums have reported  through the ages, in a safe and non-threatening way! Follow the basic  steps and have fun!



It is believed that if a child is born at midnight it has the gift of  sight and is able to see beyond the grave. This child is known as the  chime child. The seventh son of the seventh son is also supposed to have this power.

If you wish to have a deceased relative find their  way home, by the Maya’s tradition, all you have to do is draw a chalk  line from their grave to the fireplace of your home. This way the spirit will always be able to find its way back home.
In a medieval  spell book explains that if you wish to learn what spirits live in a  cemetery, all you have to do is burn a mixture of aloe, musk, saffron,  vervain, and pepper.

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