Red Beach Private Residence

The Haunted Auckland team were contacted by a family concerned by apparent paranormal activity occurring in their suburban Red Beach home.

Reported activity

  • A “spirit” woman was seen walking across the hallway while one of the girls was in the master bedroom.
  • The older daughter woke one night to find her room full of spirit men dressed in old clothes.
  • A spirit hand “clicked” in front of one of the girls faces while she was in bed one night.
  • The same girl said she could feel and hear something breathing in her room.
  •  The mother didn’t like being in that bedroom also. She said it felt as it felt as if someone was standing beside her.
  • The mother was recently touched while in the laundry.
  • The oldest daughter has been hugged while sitting on the computer.
  • One of the girls saw “bubbles” floating in front of her face one night. She described “scenes” going on in the bubbles.
  • Light bulbs shatter regularly In the home. No faults in the power supply have been found.
  • The sceptic father saw an apparition of a small child for himself. Previous to this incident he did not believe the stories coming from the others in the family. This is what triggered the visit request.

Investigators for this session Mark, Barbara and Jessie.

Home History

Red Beach Private ResidenceA historical search found that this compact sized Universal Home and surrounding properties were once farmland which was subdivided around 30 years ago. The house was built around 1986 as part of a new subdivision in the Red Beach area.

The family that called us in currently rent the house and have lived here for a few years.

On arrival, we were shown around the house and heard the stories from the mother’s and daughter’s points of view.

It seems that everyone in the home has had experiences there. Even the father (who was away overseas at the time) who, until now was a steadfast sceptic with regards to the paranormal. It was only the fact that he was witness to an apparition himself that we were asked to come and look into the activity.

The mother had wondered as to whether the home may once have been used as a methamphetamine lab. There were Velcro tabs on all the windows in the lounge room as though the windows had been covered over at some point. Jessie, an ambulance medic suggested that in this case she didn’t feel the home fitted the usual methamphetamine lab profile. In her line of work, Jess is trained to identify such locations for health and safety precautions.

As usual we set about documenting the home’s interior and exterior, photographically, and on video, whilst atmospheric, surface & ambient temperatures and energy field data from every room was noted at regular intervals .

The surface temperatures ranged between 23°C (toilet) and 28°C (in kitchen with the oven on). The ambient temperatures were between 24°C and 26°C (in the bathroom).

The outside temperature was 23°C ambient on arrival.

The weather conditions for the night were fine and warm. The sky was clear.

Jessie – It was a very muggy night, slightly windy but not enough to cool us off until near the end of the investigation.

It was very warm in the house and it did not change throughout our investigation.

The overall temperature and “feel” of the home didn’t seem to alter in any way throughout the entire night. No fluctuations of any kind were recorded during the session.

Red Beach Private ResidenceEMF (Electromagnetic Field) levels were flat throughout the entire house. Internal wiring was clean and tidy. No leakages or rough or loose cables or wires detected.

Under the house was used for storage. A solid block foundation. Tidy with no odd temperature or EMF fluctuations. No untidy, frayed or damaged wiring to be noted.

No rat droppings noted.

We again trialled our “Spirit Box” (an electronic device purported to aid spirits in communicating).  Nothing worthy of noting was recorded.

Red Beach Private Residence - Hedgehog
Outside we found a small hedgehog rummaging noisily around in the gardens. Apparently he’s a regular. Very cute indeed!

Home layout

The house was on an angled section so walking up to the house from the road we were level to the downstairs garage. To get up to the main entrance to the house we walked under the deck and up two short flights of stairs to the sliding door which enters into the lounge.

If one continues on around the deck there is a small door into the dining area near the kitchen. From the main sliding door entrance there is the lounge which was not overly large. To the far right of the lounge is the dining area and straight in front of the sliding door but on the far side of the lounge behind a wall is the kitchen which has an entrance from the dining area.

Red Beach Private Residence

On the far left of the lounge is a door to the hallway. On walking down the hallway the first door to the left has the eldest daughter’s bedroom which is small, fitting a double bed and not much else.

Opposite this door on the hallway is the laundry. This room also has an exit to the back yard. The next two doors on the left continuing down the hallway have the toilet and bathroom in that order. The last door on the left is the master bedroom which is the largest bedroom in the house.

The door at the end of the hallway is the smallest bedroom and was the room of one of the younger daughters, or potentially both daughters as there were bunks in there.

The back yard which can be accessed from the door in the laundry or from the main entrance from the lounge is small and reasonably flat. They have pet rabbits in a wooden hutch in the back yard.

The garage under the house is not internal access and is used as storage.

There was a good sized deck outside the lounge and the nearest neighbours were a reasonable distance away.

Initial feelings

Barbara – The house felt like a family home. Initially it had a calm happy feel about it, but later in the bedrooms it felt as though there was someone watching us. The feeling came and went as if something was there one minute and gone the next. I thought it was particularly strong in the end bedroom.

Jessie– I didn’t feel anything upon entering the house. It just felt “normal”. It just felt very quiet. Like it may have had something there before but I wasn’t feeling anything with us that night.

Although there were interesting stories about all three bedrooms we found the end and master bedrooms to be the most interesting, as these were the rooms with the most reported activity. We spent quite a lot of time in them attempting communications sessions.

Barbara – I did think that while I was in the lounge someone had touched my back. At times (later in the evening) I had a sense of something being in the two end bedrooms. I felt slightly uncomfortable at times in the two end bedrooms.  There was a sense of something being there but I’m not sure what. I wondered if there is a “spirit portal” in the house, as I had a sense of energy being there one minute and then it was gone. I get the feeling that the end bedroom is the centre of whatever is happening in the house.

During one of the many communication attempts throughout the night, Jessie thought she could hear a little girl speak, so her and Barbara attempted a “chat” session, encouraging her to come and sit with them and talk. Upon reviewing the recorded audio, nothing unusual could be heard. No “little girl” was captured at the time.

Mark, whilst spending time outside the house, later confirmed that he had heard the girl too – a nearby neighbour playing.

Barbara feels she may have captured a man speaking while she was noting temperature levels and had her audio recorder running.

Barbara – I seem to have captured 2 possible EVPs of a male. One saying “Help” and the other saying “Farking Hell!”


A murmuring sound can also be heard just before the “help”.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=000000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
At the end of the investigation, Barbara performed a clearing of the home in an attempt to eliminate all negative energies in the home.


Possible Sleep disorder?

Red Beach Private ResidenceThe story of the floating bubbles with “played scenes” inside them sounded very similar to a case out in Conifer Grove we looked into a year ago. It was concluded that this was due to a sleep disorder.

This case seemed to have the same symptoms ie the “bubbles” or small floating dreamlets of imagery etc.

Many of the signs pointed to Hypnagogia.

The experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep: the hypnagogic state of consciousness. Mental phenomena that occur during this “threshold consciousness” phase include lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis.

There are many phenomena that can occur on the threshold of sleep, or the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep. Hypnagogia can range from incessant noises and vague geometrical patterns including a loud ringing sensation in the ears and voices, to fully fledged scenes called “dreamlets”.

The difference between this imagery and dreams is that they are rather static and seem to lack a basic storyline.

Many famous thinkers and artists have benefited from the great creativity offered through these separate realities and enjoyed passively observing their dreams forming right in front of their eyes.

It is suggested that if this activity continues and is causing ongoing discomfort, the help of a sleep clinic might be the solution.

This loose conclusion may or may not be correct, but it seemed a fitting answer at the time and matched what we have experienced in past cases. This might also explain the daughter waking up to find a “crowd of men” in her room, that the mother came in and was unable to see. Perhaps the daughter was in a mid sleep process at the time?

The family seemed perfectly healthy and fit, with only a small light depression claim among them (mother and daughter).

This did not appear to attribute to anything they were experiencing at this point due to the medication being so light.

Barbara – I didn’t see any evidence of any form of haunting while we were there.  Most people who live in the house have experienced some type of activity so this may indicate that there is some sort of haunting but we were unable to document it during our visit and so am unable to classify it.


Jessie – There were lots of little noises heard but given that the house was in the middle of suburbia we could not right off the noises as coming from neighbouring houses. There was also a noisy little Hedgehog that paid a visit and apparently he does this often. There were lots of stories about things that the girls had experienced in their bedroom just as they are falling asleep such as the eldest daughter waking up to men crowding her room and her mum not being able to see them.

The youngest daughter having a hand waved in her face and clicking its fingers. The fact that a lot of these happened as the girls were falling asleep cannot be discounted.

As this is a rental property there is not a lot of information around previous tenants. However the current occupants believe that some of the previous tenants may have been using the house to manufacture “P” (Methamphetamine) as the windows appear to have had something taped across them to block out all the light. As an ex volunteer ambulance officer I had attended training on how to identify a meth lab for our own safety so I decided to ask the family about the state of the house when they moved in. Upon speaking with the current occupants however they did not notice burnt patches of grass or any noticeable chemical spills anywhere in the house when they moved in. Any other signs of an active meth lab would not have made it past the bond clean when the suspected tenants moved out.

If I was to take a guess, the taped over windows could have been more likely contributed to a weed growing exercise or a person who just liked to spend time in a dark room.

I believe the investigation went rather well. There was not a lot of activity but we were able to try to test a few of their claims and really gave it a good go. While it was a very quiet investigation we were able to talk through some of the stuff that has happened with the tenants. Help them figure out how to deal with the stuff that is happening. We also did a cleansing which i think would help them feel a lot more secure in the house.

My overall feelings on the property are that it could quite possibly have something going on due to all the strange occurrences happening but that these occurrences shouldn’t be attributed to the paranormal each time and that at the time it is happening they should be thinking more about what else could be causing this to happen and not jump to labelling it as paranormal.


Mark – I felt that we did all we could at the time to find answers, but nothing seemed out-of-place during our time there. After listening to the stories of experienced activity, I found I didn’t really have too many answers at the end of the session. At this point in time I’m leaning towards Hypnagogia, a sleep disorder to possibly explain some of the night-time visual experiences the daughter has been having. Note: This is just a theory based on our limited time with the family and our gathered knowledge from past experiences with other clients. More time should bring out more accurate answers. The home itself felt safe and light to me.

I personally didn’t feel, see, hear or document anything which would lead me to believe that this home is haunted. I would suggest that the family please log any future activity down for future reference. They are welcome to contact us any time and the team welcomes any further questions or re-visit requests from them.


On review of the photographic evidence, an odd face was discovered, apparently reflected in a picture frame stored in the lounge.

Red Beach Private ResidenceRed Beach Private Residence - Unusual Face

Red Beach Private Residence - Unusual Face Debunked


An analysis was performed using other photographs taken in the same room during the evening.  By overlaying two photographs, it was shown that what appeared to be an unusual, staring face was actually Pareidolia caused by the alignment shadows on the a braid and face of the girl in the portrait, giving an unusual appearance when viewed from a specific angle and framing.

The series of three images shown on the right illustrate how the effect was generated. The first image was recorded with a higher resolution camera, the third shows the image of the unusual face overlayed and aligned. The middle image is a transitional phase between the top and bottom images showing how the alignment occurred.

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