Remembering The Kevin Smith Show

Was going through a few old CD-Rs and stumbled upon a few archived recordings of an internet radio show I used to listen to almost daily, (pretty much religiously, even) back when I was running my own online paranormal blog site, BizarreNZ.
It was The Kevin Smith Show.
Not Kevin Smith the New Zealand actor (RIP), or Kevin Smith, one-half of Jay & Silent Bob fame, but Kevin Smith; researcher, writer, journalist, radio show host, lecturer, and musician.
The Kevin Smith Show was a paranormal radio/internet talk show. It was also the first paranormal radio talk show. Started in Bosnia where Kevin served as a Police officer.
A podcast-type deal that covered everything from UFOs and abductions, to cryptids, crop circles, ghosts, cover-ups and conspiracies, paranormal phenomena, ancient civilizations, strange and unexplained events, space anomalies, and encompassed the paranormal spectrum in general. The show featured interviews with some fascinating people in the field. Interspersed with Kevin’s own thoughts, theories, and opinions in the realm of the unexplained, until his untimely death on his 60th birthday on August 14, 2013. Just 2 days after my own birthday. (which he remembered one time and sent me a birthday greeting by email)
The interviews in his show were always in-depth and incredible and each hour-long episode was a mind-blowing gem. Kevin welcomed numerous whistle-blowers onto his show. Sometimes anonymously, sometimes not.
I was an avid follower and downloaded every episode I could. I sent Kevin emails and he would always respond. I sent him a link to my online blog site and he became a follower in return. We chatted often, exchanging emails back and forth about things happening over here, some of which he’d mention on his show as interesting news tidbits from around the world. He was keen to come to New Zealand, so I told him all about what we do here and we discussed hanging out and seeing a few sights together. Kevin followed my work and was always full of praise and encouragement towards what I was doing.
From one of our chats…. ”Keep up the great work, Mark. I’m staying current with your News updates and have mentioned numerous pieces on the shows. Would you be interested in coming on for a talk about your great work over there? New Zealand has always fascinated me and I’m hoping to get over there one day.”
I never did get to meet Kevin in the flesh, and I never got to guest on his show, but it was amazing to be receiving such praise from someone so respected in the field worldwide that I had learned so much from.
Just a little memory of a great guy that I thought I’d share – Mark

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  1. Ray Lofton

    I loved Kevin Smith’s show. I think it was the only talk show I’ve ever called into. It was the simplicity of it. I remember once he lost a ton of shows. I contacted him with several shows I downloaded and sent them to him.

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