Questions on Satanism – Part 1

Disclosure-This may be one of my most controversial writing pieces yet. So, if the content offends you, or your beliefs in any way, know that this is not the intent of my post.

As a paranormal researcher and enthusiast, I intend to delve into many topics and theories. Nothing is off-limits. Well close to nothing.
So, I will just state prior- that this post is about the religion Satanism. Just a fair warning if you choose not to read any further. I know many people find the subject sensitive and even distasteful, hence my prior disclosure.
This will be a one-of-a-3-part series-sort off.
The first part has much to do with my own potential misinformation and naivety when it comes to what Satanism is really all about. What I have been told, informed off my whole life, mostly by people who know even less about Satanism than I do.
The second part is my attempt to not only approach someone (who I have already in mind) and who I believe is very well rehearsed in the subject and religion of Satanism, to communicate with me, but to ultimately get him to participate in my quest for knowledge and obtain his direct insight on the
matter which I will be sharing.
Then part 3, and the last part of it, is having to do the hard yards and the physical research it will take for me to do before making any opinionated statements about the religion itself.

Part 1. The S-word.

The further I try to delve into potentially the unknown and try to investigate the secrets this world may still hide from us; I find myself willing to push certain boundaries and limits just a tad bit further. All in the name of research of course.
As many of us will know, certain etiquettes were taught to us from a young age in order to have us well versed and prepared to carry ourselves with a form of aristocracy amongst our peers. One of the affable precepts I was personally taught was to never discuss religion or politics at the dinner table.
Well not just the dinner table, but you get the idea, and furthermore to even try and avoid
engaging in sensitive subjects such as those. Both topics have the ability to entice even the most composed and restrained individual to voice, more often than none-a very heated and passionate opinions on subject matter such as these-something close to the heart. Subjects that carry a certain kind of sensitivity to it.
Obviously, since I have no interest in politics, my topic of discussion is that of Religion. Now there is a lot that can be said about Religion and the beliefs that are associated with it, these topics are endless really, but one particular topic I will be focusing on is one Religion in particular. To be fair,
probably one that society knows the least about, and for good reason, (Note- I could be wrong of course).
Now there may not be an exact number as to how many types of Religions are currently out there, it is however estimated to be around the 4000 mark, with the 5 main ones being Christianity,
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.
So, what about Satanism? After all, like it or not it is classified as a religion. Even though not a very popular one for sure. We do know for a fact there are those who actively practices the religion. But how many? And why? Sure, this can be asked in relevance to any religion for that matter, but what makes Satanism stand out? It’s no secret it is one of the most despised religions out there, but could
it also be one of the most misunderstood ones? After all they are worshipping the nemeses of our God, many Gods actually. Each religion has its own “devil”.
Is it the same Devil though? Could the Buddhist Devil known as Māra be the same as the devil Lucifer we know?
Could they be one in the same “evil God”? And why would someone willingly choose to follow and worship an evil God? But here is the million-dollar question, is Lucifer-the devil, actually evil? I am starting to think, that it depends on who you ask.
Religion in general can get a bad rap-reputation, merely because of the doings of those who follow a particular religion, then commits an atrocity in the name of that religion leaving it unfairly tainted.
Growing up in a religious family myself, I faintly remember as a child, and I mean faintly, once asked s member from Church, “but why would anyone want to worship the Devil”, the answer was along the lines of, “because the devil gives them power in exchange for their souls”. That was the end of that discussion. I thought to myself, but isn’t that how all religions work? We pray for guidance, solace, strength etc all-in return to commit our soul, our spirit to God and our beliefs?
My absolute main objective for wanting to find out more about Satanism, is solely based on the fact that many malevolent hauntings are in many instances associated with Demons, or non-human entities, ultimately all stemming from Hell, sent out by the Devil himself to create misery, pain and chaos on earth. Well, that’s what our Bible tells us. So, it must be true, and that should be the end of it.
As paranormal investigators, when we got called out to investigate (in particular) haunted homes, it was important for us to know whether the occupants of the house were religious or not, because this did play a big part in what we did as researchers. Many times, if we were asked to help cleanse a home, we had to use the religious tools that were compatible with the faith of the occupants. But not to get sidetracked, the fact of the matter is, I want to know for myself why the majority of what are considered malicious hauntings and or possessions are related to the devil.
Now I do own a few books myself that talks and delves into the rituals relating to that of dark magic and the devil. Black magic if you will, admittingly I haven’t finished reading any of them, and I probably should have before writing this piece, but that would make part one of this article futile.
The less I know, the better I can put my theories and intrigue across untainted before delving in to rigorous research that would be needed, including reading the satanic Bible.
Yes, Satanist have a Bible too. It’s called the Satanic Bible, originally published by Anton LaVey in 1969, so certainly not as old as other religious scriptures or Bibles.
So, what did Anton base his content on in regard to the Satanic bible? After all he was just an author, hardly an apostle or prophet, but weren’t our prophets and apostles just authors too though?
I know there will be many people who would advise against me going down this route, into the rabbit whole if you will, and for legit reasons, as well as faith-based reasons, I may even be scorned for doing so. But to those I would like to emphasize, that if the devil is indeed our nemeses, our enemy, isn’t it better to know your enemy (and their ways) in order to defeat them? After all, I have been told that “true Satanists” know the Christian bible inside and out, even better than most Christians do.
Which brings me to talk about someone we will be referring to as MR. X at this point. Someone I have a particular interest in, an online influencer who very publicly acknowledges his satanic religion. What stood out to me the most about Mr. X is his high intellect. The guy is smart. Very.
Clearly skilled, very knowledgeable and has a high vocabulary. Now I have managed to make direct contact with him. But still much is to be discussed, negotiated if you will. I am interested in hearing from him directly and what he perceives the faith to be all about, and why did he choose this controversial one to be a part of. In part 2 of my writing thread, I hope to have been able to obtain direct content from him. Insight like no other. Content that I will be sharing.
For now, it is all just work in progress. But it’s looking fruitful. 

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