Quick catch-up-update during Lock-down 2020

Hey everyone, just thought I’d jump in here and touch base, as I know it’s been a trying and testing time for many out there.
Please stay strong, connected and safe through all this and most importantly, try and stay positive. There’s always light at the end of that dark tunnel. Paranormal pun?
Here in New Zealand we’re currently sitting at Level 2, with no new cases for a few weeks now.
Next week we find out whether or not we will move to Level one.
Team-wise; it’s been frustrating that we can’t go out and do what we love to do. When it’s your life, passion, obsession and personal journey….to just stay home and cut off from it is hard.
However, we’ve been spending our time wisely. Some of us have been working forward on creating, research, networking and staying in touch with our fellow researchers worldwide and using our time to dig into other areas of our research that we wouldn’t normally have the time for.
It’s interesting; in the time people have been confined to their lock-down situations, the level of activity out there seems to have risen. Perhaps it’s due to the fact people are spending more time at home, that they are now more open and aware of their surroundings? The noises their homes make and even the possibility of paranormal activity that may occur regularly, that would normally go unnoticed as people vacate to go to their day jobs.
For whatever reason, we’ve suddenly become busy. The emails are coming in and our calendar is filling up fast. From historical locations to residential homes, the stories coming in are quite intriguing. Two locations we’ve heard from are experiencing escalated levels of unusual activity during a period of renovations being done during closure in the lock-down period.
We’ve also decided to look into areas of this realm that we wouldn’t normally delve into, outside of our comfort zones, with a couple of research excursions into some of Auckland’s darker regions of native fringe forest, looking into some of the stories, ranging from disturbing and macabre, to the downright mysterious!
We currently have investigations booked-in for every weekend for the next two months and a few more we’re in discussion about. We’ve even slotted in a fundraising event to help out our good friends at The Pumphouse Theatre. It would be an understatement to say the team is fully amped and ready!
So, I guess for Haunted Auckland/ Paranormal New Zealand, that’s our ‘’light at the end of the tunnel’’.
From this time of closure and limits, has come opportunities, gained knowledge, a heap of new equipment, lessons learned, new friendships and contacts made…. and the most exciting for us, a shit ton of investigations! As usual…. Stay Spooky and STAY TUNED! – Mark

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