Quest of the Unknown: The Australian & New Zealand Paranormal – Experienced & qualified. by Soula Raven Vaitsis

It’s a new Paranormal reference guide from Australian paranormal researcher Soula Raven Vaitsis, founder of Paranormal Adventures Australia.
This 245-page resource directory features introductions and listings for teams and researchers from both sides of the ditch; Australia and New Zealand. Bios, histories, opinions and tips, and a heap of follow-up links and addresses to check them out or make contact.

From the more spiritual, to the more scientific; there’s a good variation of personalities featured.

One thing that stands out is the strong emphasis on paranormal unity within these pages, the sharing of information and support for like-minded peers.

There are a familiar few folks I already know well and a few more I’m still yet to meet. Good to see our ol’ mate James Gilberd and his Strange Occurrences team featured in there, ”repping” for NZ’s spooky side.

The last section will be useful to anyone getting kickstarted in this field, with helpful tips, a paranormal glossary, types of equipment being used, the differing shades of activity/hauntings and information regarding cleansing, clearing, and spiritual protection, if you’re that way inclined.

It’s a good read. (and I’m not just saying that because we’re in it)

Get your copy from Soula or Paranormal Adventures Australia and get to know a little something about a few of us crazy paranormalists from Downunder!

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