PumpHouse Theatre Event – June 17th 2023

What a fantastic night! Thanks to those that were stealthy enough to grab the tickets before they sold out. For those that missed out, there’ll be more events at The PumpHouse Theatre for sure, so stay tuned to our FB page and community group.
An amazing mix of people!
From total ”believers”, the slightly sceptical, to those on the fence wanting to have a little experience of their own. Much respect for the few that were coming out of their comfort zones for this, to face a fear or two. I think everyone got a little something from the night, be it an experience or some new found knowledge on the subject.
We kept it pretty old-school with this one, though we did bring out a few fad gadgets to play around with like spirit boxes, Portal, and a random word generator, along with some good fun old-fashioned action with Ouija boards, dowsing rods, mirror scrying, and table tipping.
Some intriguing personal stories were shared too, which is something we never tire of hearing!
Thanks again, everyone. You all did really well. Hope to see you again sometime soon.
Here’s a bunch of photos taken by us. Feel free to share and tag yourselves. Keen to see any interesting photos or videos you might have captured too. Bring on the next one!

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