Dunback Inn: Overnight investigation with Dunedin Strange Occurrences Society – June 3rd 2023

On Saturday, June 3rd, I (Mark) flew south to join up with paranormalist, Bruce Mahalski from Dunedin’s own chapter of the Strange Occurrences Society (and owner of the The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery), for an overnight investigative stay at the wonderfully rural, 1864 built Dunback Inn.
Just a leisurely one hours drive North of central Dunedin.
The owners apparently share their quirky abode with numerous spirits. There’s ”The lady upstairs” as she is affectionately known. Long hair and dressed in an old-fashioned gown, she is seen looking out the window and wandering the corridors, to a small child that is heard from time to time.
Oh, there’s also the tall man wearing an old thick trench coat that walks through ”ghost alley”, a thin lane/corridor between the Inn and the accommodation part of the Inn. He walks the ”alley”, heads out the door, and stands out on the road looking off into the distance. Like he’s waiting for someone.
Shadows are seen, lights flicker, doors slam and things move around. Keen to get back there sometime in the near future to spend more time in the building.
We’ll cobble together some of our footage for you to watch soon, but for now, here are a few photos from Saturday night.
A huge thank you to Rob and Liz for being such generous and welcoming hosts and giving us rooms for the night and a wonderful hot meal to keep us going through the chilly hours.
A more detailed story is to come when we’ve caught up on sleep, reviewed all the footage, and compiled the notes.
Stay tuned for more on the wonderful Dunback Inn.


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