PUBLIC GHOST HUNTS: Kingseat Maximum Security – Oct 11th & 18th 2014

Due to the great numbers of requests from the general public to attend our investigations, we decided to run a handful of public ghost hunts, so that fans, followers and supporters of the group could get the chance to see what it’s like and get a taste of the paranormal investigation field for a few hours. The first event was at The Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna.

The night was a huge success and further investigation nights were asked for.

The team decided to come out of their safety zone yet again, holding an even bigger public event. This time at the Maximum Security buildings of the old Kingseat Hospital complex, now utilised by Asylum Paintball who have been incredibly welcoming and generous in giving the team unlimited access to the building for research and investigation. Two nights in weekly succession were held in October. Each night inviting 40 lucky budding investigators to join the team for a night of education, investigation, food and a lot of fun. Below is some of the wonderfully positive feedback we recieved via the Haunted Auckland Facebook page and a selection of photos from the nights.

north shore times 30th dec 2014
North Shore Times 30th Dec 2014


  • It was awesome! Took a ton of photos but didn’t capture anything spook worthy unfortunately. Had a blast though! Thanks Guys and Gals! – Fiona Burry
  • Awesome night. Really enjoyed it would like to do it again sometime. Thank you Mark Wallbank was a great experience. – Lasa Pasese
  • Huge thanks to the whole Haunted Auckland team for last nights experience. Very professional team & set up. – Robert Hogg
  • What an awesome night! Big huge thank you from myself and my partner. Very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Haunted Auckland you guys rock!! – Mereana Nadine Bourke
  • It was great!! Thanks to the Haunted Auckland team! My sister Emma Hulse, my friend Colin Selby and I all really enjoyed it!! We’ll definitely be back to do another one. –  Vanessa White
  • I had a fantastic night, thank you to everyone that organised it and to all the lovely, friendly ‘ghost experiencers’ in our group – just an awesome experience! – Aimee Peterken
  • It was a great night and was great to meet you all xxxx – Hunting Spirits NZ
  • Awesome night thank you team for the great experience. I’ve been bitten by the paranormal bug now so you’ll be seeing my face at future events – Nicole Alana
  • Had a great time last night…I attended with my bro’n law, and we left wanting more…we enjoyed meeting the team and met a lot of great people in our group…looking forward to the next investigation…thanks a lot Mark, Barbara and Co. – Jonathan Stunnenberg
  • Awesome night….when’s the next?????? – Rebecca Stanley
  • Awesome guys … loved every minute of it and great to see you all again – Maadi-Katrina Underwood
  • Brilliant evening, thank you very much – Can’t wait to come out & play again! – Glenn Haslem
  • Thank You for all for awesome night, Can’t wait for the next one. – Andrea Lefler
  •  I soo enjoyed the experience & will return! – Kos Mum Jakz
  •  Thanks Mark, barb and co for hosting such an interesting night / experience. – Dave Southon
  •  Thanks again for a great night, Vicky, Rebecca, Kim & myself had an awesome time, can’t wait to do it again – Samantha Anstis
  • Was a great night. Thanks for the awesome experience and I will definitely be looking out to join you on more – Corrina Austin
  •  It was a great night!! cant wait for the next one – Highly Intoxciated
  •  Was awesome thanks guys !! – Rebecca Dutchburn

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October 18th 2014

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