Private Residence, Howick

An expecting couple calls the team to investigate their Howick home where light anomalies, uneasy feelings and unusual behaviour from pets has them concerned they may not be the only ones inhabiting the property.


Richard contacted the Haunted Auckland team via the website. He and his wife, Mina, have been living in their house for about six years. He reported instances of feeling uneasy, disturbed sleep, creaking & other noises in the house and a sensation of being watched.

Richard also recently saw a small bright light appear behind his wife while he was speaking with her on Skype, which moved across the ceiling for around three seconds before disappearing.

He told of a tendency for their animals, a cat and two dogs, to stare up at the lounge ceiling (always at the same spot) and act as if they were watching something. One of the dogs had become shut in the nursery on more than one occasion and had also been seen to be barking toward the door for no apparent reason.

Richard and Mina’s baby was due in three weeks’ time and he was keen for the activity to be investigated – and the property cleared if necessary.


We attended the property on 24th April and carried out a short investigation session over a period of three hours. On arrival, the team spent time speaking with Richard and Mina to get a full understanding of their experiences to date, before being shown around the house and commencing the investigation.


EMF readings were taken throughout the property, which were all within the normal range expected for a domestic residence. T

here was no evidence that EMF was a contributing issue to this case.

The team attempted to recreate by various means the light seen on Skype, but were unable to create a convincing reproduction of the small, bright light which Richard described. It is possible that the light may have been an artefact of the Skype transmission, or the result of an insect – but Haunted Auckland is unable to provide a definitive explanation for this phenomenon.

The team did not identify any Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) on the audio recordings made during the investigation and no unusual activity was captured on the video recorders left in place.

Mark and Lisa felt that a possible explanation to the dogs’ constant preoccupation with a certain spot on the ceiling, might be due to rodents or pests living in the ceiling space between the top and bottom floors. However, we could not verify or confirm this hypothesis at the time.

An investigation was performed on the nursery door, which could not be pushed open from the outside when properly closed. The door would, however, swing towards a closed position naturally and from there could easily be accidentally pushed shut onto the latch by an animal. It has been hypothesised by Lisa that because the same dog is getting shut in, that perhaps it is able to gain entry by pawing at the doorknob. Further investigation would be required to discover whether or not this was indeed the case.

Sensitives Barbara and Karen felt that the master bedroom seemed much colder than the other rooms upstairs. In fact, this was not the case, and a temperature reading showed that the room was physically as warm, or warmer, than the other bedrooms. They both also noted an unusual sensation in the region around the top of the stairs. Barbara reported seeing a shadow moving around the doorway of the master bedroom.


Haunted Auckland is unable to provide conclusive proof of paranormal activity based on their findings during the investigation. However, it is recognised that a two-hour window is unlikely to yield a great deal of physical evidence, in the form of photos, video or EVPs and that the personal experiences of the property’s residents cannot be discounted.

Barbara and Karen felt that whilst there did seem to be some unusual energies present, their precise nature could not be conclusively identified. It should be emphasised that it was not felt that they were in any way harmful or threatening to the occupants.


Since the investigation and clearing, Richard has emailed us with an update:

“For quite some time I had felt uncomfortable in our house. Strange noises and the feeling that someone was watching me as I was in bed. Also our animals would stare at different parts of our house as if they were watching and following something. I contacted Haunted Auckland. They did their investigation and followed with a cleansing. It has now been two weeks since the investigation and I definitely feel that our house is more settled and the feelings I had are now gone.

Haunted Auckland were very friendly and professional. If anyone has been experiencing problems or feel uncomfortable in their home I would highly recommend you get in touch with them.”

The Haunted Auckland team would also like to offer their warmest congratulations to Richard & Mina on the safe arrival of their baby girl.

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