New NZ Teams Wanted

Hi all, we get private visit requests on an almost daily basis, from people all over the country, that claim to be experiencing unusual, possibly paranormal events in their homes that frighten them, causing unrest within the family. If the location is local, we can usually send some team members out to look into it to document and hopefully find a few answers. A lot of the time, the requests will come from out of town. Too far for us to travel.

Hence we are looking to gather a few teams together outside of our reach, to assist and research along side us. Working together to find answers to try and help people within New Zealand. I am wanting to hear from intelligent, honest and reliable people, with a practical, open and thinking mind, to join in with us and a few other NZ based teams, to hopefully progress paranormal awareness and knowledge in this country. To start the ball rolling I’m looking for potential team leaders, to pull their indivdual groups together and be the spokesperson for their group. Must be a good listener, have excellent presentation and people skills, interested in historical research, photography, data documentation, reading, writing and computer savy and be able to organise your team efficiently and professionally.

Your team will be a part of a New Zealand wide inititative to streamline and better format the way paranormal research is carried out in this country. You will become part of a network, liasing with fellow paranormal researchers world wide, in our search for the elusive proof we all seek. Your team will not be a sub – team of Haunted Auckland, but a network research partner. Your team will recieve regular information and research tips from Haunted Auckland and we will be here to assist you along the way with any photo / audio clip or video analysis. As will be the other teams in our network.

Together we can really give paranormal research in this country the respect and acknowledgement it deserves and a general kick up the butt to catch up with what the rest of the world is doing.

We are looking at starting up teams in (or close to) ….











Please send me an email if interested.


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