Mangawhai – Paranormal overnight Camp-out (3 Teams)

November 14th, 2015. Haunted Auckland headed back to this beautiful, yet allegedly haunted slice of bush land, for a third overnight visit for further exploration. This time, we were joined by members from two other teams; Midnight Paranormal [Hamilton] and Whangarei Paranormal Society. [Click photo to enlarge to full size]

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  1. Hi there I used to work on a dairy farm at the end of kings road mangawhai where there was a paddock on the farm with native bush on it I had to go in and check for cows every time I went in I’d be overcome with virtago its was always dreary never hear birds in there it stuck with me its been ten years since I have been there and it still disturbs me thinking about it I wonder if your camp out was close to this spot I hunt and tramp and never been affected by a spot of bush like that ever ,!!!!!!

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