As In Life, As In Death – A Paranormal Theory

“David was a grumpy old man, he’d spent 40 years working in poor conditions in a factory for minimum wage, spent his life living in public housing, never being able to afford a house of his own. His children had grown up with hand me down clothing as money was tight. This led to complications with his marriage, which ended in divorce.

Even as a young man, David was always in a bad mood, the world around him got him down. He got no happiness from sport, no satisfaction from work or family and eventually, died a miserable old coot with no friends…”

As in life, as in death... A Paranormal TheoryNow, I have a question for you, Constant readers, If “David” from my story above lived a miserable life, and was generally a sad miserable person, would he be released from his anguish and be a happy man in the after-world, or would he be as in life?

It is an interesting question, and one I have pondered upon for quite some time. Firstly lets remove religious bliss, things like going to Heaven and receiving forgiveness from this equation, and focus purely on the soul of the man who has shed his dense earthly skin.

So now David is a Ghost, he looks much like he did, he sounds much like he did…. does that mean he is the same “soul” he was when he was alive?

It is my wager that he indeed is exactly the same person, just without the dense human vessel around him.

Now, lets leave David to his misery and change the focus of emotion to something a bit darker, lets say, Anger.

Same scenario, but I’ll name our Angry character “Susan”.

Now Susie has been angry her whole life, and, if my theory is correct, is angry in Death.

New people move into Susie’s house after her passing, she doesn’t like them much (she doesn’t like anyone much), and begins to cause trouble, little things at first, slowly building as her anger builds…

Soon the new occupants are worried and call in a paranormal investigation team.

The team begins their investigation, and Susie becomes even angrier as these strangers start asking inane questions of her…she scratches one of the investigators to get her point across…

Now, constant reader, You are that investigator, and you know nothing of Susie in life…do you jump to the conclusion of angry ghost lady, or do you jump to something “demonic”?

My belief is most would jump to the demonic theory and not even contemplate an Angry Susie ghost, this is partly because of the current trend of TV shows that come to the “demonic” theory all too quickly, partly because of the movie industry (think “The Exorcist, Amityville) and maybe a little bit of presumption on my part.

It is my belief that as we are now, we are the same person after death, of course this is just my own personal theory, and may not apply to every living person, I imagine someone in intense physical pain, or with a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s may be freed from their affliction in death, and become negative or positive, depending on their outlook, and return to something like their old self – but who is to say really? As with all things in the paranormal world, it is just a theory, and probably opens more questions as to what is possible…

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