Lakehouse Art Centre session capture: Patty, is that you singing?

For the last 2 years, the majestic Lakehouse Art Centre in Takapuna have generously offered the team unlimited access to carry out our paranormal research. We appreciate this immensely and Thank them sincerely for their trust in us.
For a few sessions now, we have had some interesting apparent interactions using a few trigger objects. Mainly a couple of basic push-lights. The same two lights we have also documented some very interesting interactions with at another of our favorite historical locations, Massey Homestead.
The activity, whether it be pure coincidence, faulty gear or some sort of electrical / building-based interference has proved very interesting to the team, as we are at odds to find any solid explanation for this happening yet.

During the Lakehouse sessions, we appeared to be having some sort of interaction with a supposed young girl, called Patty.
9 years old, if the responses we received mean anything.
During one session, in the company of a guest investigator Vicki Wedd, it appeared that Aimee was playing a game of Dominoes with Patty…and lost.
During another session, (this one with guest investigator James Gilberd) small (child sized?) shadows were seen moving around the building and down the stairs. Was this the apparently playful Patty?

During this session, whilst attempting to talk to Patty again, we recorded this intriguing sound on audio. It was recorded on a Sony night-shot camera. Is this our new ‘’friend’’ Patty singing?
We aren’t 100% certain on what the sound actually is.
The sound of distant traffic? People outside? A weird stomach gurgle?
One thing we know for sure is that we were all in the same room together and it wasn’t a team member.
We put this short clip here for you to draw your own conclusions.

Note: We are not making any claims of paranormal activity with this recording, as we do not have enough detail to back up such a claim.


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