Lake House Art Centre – Halloween event – Oct 31st 2020

Had an amazing time at the Lake House in Takapuna last night for Halloween. The weather was fine and the looming storm stayed right away from the north shore. So many people there, of all ages, amped up on a frenzied sugar rush. The treats were flowing in great abundance!
We brought along a few loud and creepy characters to help scare the kids (and quite a few jumpy adults too!)
Sam and I also did 2 talks on the paranormal. What it’s all about and how we do things. Was only planning to do the one talk, but added in a second due to popular demand from keen future paranormalists. Some great questions from some very young and inquisitive minds! Great to see so many of our Facebook followers coming along to join us too.
Huge thanks to Grae Burton from the Lake House for inviting us and all the super helpful and friendly Lake House and cafe staff for making it all run so smoothly from start to finish.
A well-oiled machine!
Speaking of machines…..
Also special mention to our good mate Greg from Knights of NZ for bringing the KITT car from Knight Rider along.
So many happy-dad grins last night!
Here are a few photos! Enjoy.

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