From the mind of a Medium – by Amanda Wright

From the mind of a Medium, by Amanda Wright from the brilliant Australian based paranormal resource site and research team, Australia Paranormal Society. Signed too, thank you Amanda!
Flipping through it I think it’ll be an interesting, (although different) read for me. I read a lot of books on the paranormal and have done since childhood. It’s an important part of learning and trying to pin down some semblance of understanding within this mysterious and unknown-ridden field of my choosing. I like to look at my research from different angles. Different beliefs and cultures; different approaches and techniques. Different viewpoints, theories and opinions. In this field of unknowns, everyone has their ideas and paths to follow. I have my own trails of focus.
I will admit I’ve never really been much a fan, or held much of an understanding of mediums and what they do, even though I have a few friends that do hold such beliefs and practices.
I put it down to just not having said ”gifts” or skills myself, so aren’t in a position of being able to understand what it may bring. Maybe I’m just a bit too rigid in my focus and aren’t opening myself up enough to be seeing the multi-faceted world they see?
I’ve loosely worked alongside mediums for a few years, here and overseas. I’ve had a few readings in my time out of curiosity, within my own personal research (twelve to be exact!)
I also have a few other books written by mediums. I think it’s important to at least listen, observe and absorb a little of what they might have to offer with their skills, or gifts. This book looks like it covers a lot of ground.
From rules and tips for giving readings, self-healing, mirrors, scrying and divination techniques, protection, cleansing and healing and how it all fits alongside paranormal research, with helpful tips to getting a person started in their spiritual and paranormal journey.
The cover says it’s ”Volume 1”, so I’m hoping there’ll be a second book in the works of interesting coverage from Amanda in the near future. Consider this avid paranormalist a little more enlightened!

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