Harrington Theatre – Pukekohe [ INVESTIGATION SESSION 1 ]

Despite the wild and wet weather we’ve been having in Auckland, the Paranormal NZ team visited the Harrington Theatre on Saturday night.
The location was originally built between 1908-1912 by the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows.
The building was sold in 1983 to the Pukekohe Light Opera Club (now Pukekohe Performing Arts) and several modifications were made to the building. The IOOF continued to meet there until 2008. It is still used today for performances.
There have been reports by users of the building over the years of reported sightings of two ‘ghost girls’ often around the stairs traveling up from the downstairs dressing room (labeled ‘Lydia’s Lair’) to the stage wing. We focused much of our early investigation in this area, leaving trigger objects on the stairs, stage, and wings. We attempted communication sessions in all areas of the building, often appearing to hear single and double taps – sometimes randomly and others potentially in response to questions.
Early on in the evening as we were collecting our pre-data, Aimee left Natasha in the tech box and walked to the wings. She heard what she thought was Barb moving around in Lydia’s Lair and continued to take EMF readings in the back rooms…only for Barbara to appear from the foyer bathroom area a few minutes later…who had been walking around downstairs?
We have lots of video and audio footage to review now, so this is just a sneak peek of the night in images…
This fabulous building will be visited again soon… but in the meantime, if you have had any interesting or spooky experiences there, get in touch and send us a message!
– Aimee, Barbara, and Natasha

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  1. Will Terangi

    I use to live adjacent from that Hall 40 years ago in an old Victorian Bungalow. (now demolished 30 years ago to make way for the road) That too was haunted. Most homes on Harrington Avenue have their own ghost stories.

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