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Lakehouse Arts Centre is located on Fred Thomas Drive (Barry’s Point Reserve), Takapuna. The centre is based in a beautiful late-Victorian heritage building that once stood on Takapuna Beach.

The Lakehouse Arts Centre has a constantly-changing exhibition programme, a café, artists’ studios, as well as a vibrant and varied arts education programme designed for every member of the family. Including weekend workshops, after school classes, holiday programmes and adult daytime classes.

The Lakehouse Arts Centre history

An excerpt from Issue 70 of the Channel Magazine – October 2016

Lakehouse was built on the Takapuna beachfront sometime in the 1890s […] In 1905, it was sold to Newson and Clara Sheppard […] During the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918-19, the house was used as a hospital for the very ill. The house was sold again in 1920, to an investor […] it was shifted in 1996 from Hurstmere Road and its beachside location, to the old Barry Point tip.


  • A contorted old woman was seen one day by a young child doing arts and crafts in one of the lower rooms. The woman was apparently squatting high up in the ceiling corner looking down. She was so terrifying, the girl ran from the room screaming and traumatised.
  • A young girl has been seen several times sitting or standing on the big stairwell.
  • She has also been seen upstairs in the top floor corridor. Interestingly, there have also been multiple reports of small child-sized shadows moving around the building, as well as child-like voices and the pitter patter of running on the wooden floor-boards. These shadows have been witnessed by numerous investigators and guests during the team’s sessions.
  • Haunted Auckland investigator Sam Collier had a physical interaction during one session, when his camera’s firmly fixed illuminator lamp was pushed back and twisted around on him as he ascended a small set of stairs.
  • The team have had numerous possible interactions with equipment and trigger lights being manipulated. At one point, investigator, Aimee Peterken seemingly played (and lost) a game of Dominoes, with ‘’Patty’’, the apparent spirit of a nine year old girl that resided at the home. (See video)

For more on the history of Lakehouse, check out our article with videos from some of our investigations.

About the virtual tour

We’ve partnered with Muse3D, one of New Zealand’s leading providers of full-immersion, virtual reality tours for the real estate, tourism and commercial industries. Muse 3D uses a high tech Matterport 3D visionary system which consists of 9 lenses, and sensors, to capture 3D imagery.

The Matterport Scanner doesn’t take photographs, or video, instead it scans a property, which in turn, creates a fully immersive, virtual tour which allows you to tour the haunted locations we investigate. All from your computer, phone or in virtual reality!

Meta-tags highlight areas of interest; the reported activity, our experiences there and any relevant information. Later there will be video snippets included to feature captured evidence etc. These will be added to with each investigation session, so it’ll always be up-to-date.

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