“A doll named Sue” PART 2: The investigation and Journal: An experiment into haunted items.

This portion of this segment I will outline a little info about Sue, our plans for her, and the journal we are keeping. This portion will be updated as the journal progresses, so please check back if you are interested in this research!


A Doll Named “SUE”

2014-07-13 12_19_09So I guess the first question you might as is why the name “Sue”. One thing we want to make sure of, is that there is no preconceived notion that we conjured up this name through any psychic abilities, or that the doll has uttered the name Sue.

Sue comes from the claims from her previous owner’s claims into why there maybe any suspicion of paranormal activity in the first place. At this point we are open to the situation and are not making any assumptions that this doll is haunted.



Claims are (please read the previous post to learn more details about Sue):

•- Client is kept awake by music like old gospel, and Johnny Cash, “Walk the Line” specifically.

•- The clients name was said out loud on a few occasions, she also heard the sentence “I’m so tired help me help me help me help me!” IN A MALE VOICE

•- Phantom touching.

•-  TVs being turned on and off .

•- Very loud bangs through out the home.

•- A remote that was disassembled being reassembled.
“Sue” has derived from two things. Johnny Cash and his song about a man with a woman’s name. The claims surrounding this FEMALE doll have all been an ADULT MALE. The name seemed fitting. Nothing fancy about the title…it simply captures the ambiguous nature of this particular case. It’s strange, we admit.

 The Research and the Experiment:

Having acquired this doll, we decided it might be a good opportunity to experiment with the situation. We want to note that all experimental situations will be done with the utmost respect, just in case this doll does possess the spirit of a deceased human being.

GOAL: Do inanimate objects have the ability to retain, or possess spirits?

 How we intend to figure this out:

We have 9 members on our team, some who have volunteered to keep Sue for 1 month periods to see if they have any type of strange occurrences while in the presence of the doll.

We will use the clients previous experiences to provoke a reaction from the doll (respectfully, no aggressive or unkind measures will be taken). This is up to the person who has Sue at the time. Some ideas include:

•-Playing gospel music, or even Johnny Cash.
•-Leaving a remote control exactly like the clients, see if the remote reassembles itself like the clients claim.
•-Turn the TV off, see if it turns back on without any manipulation. (following the same routine as the client did)
•-Be aware of any phantom touching or disembodied voices.

 Types of Things we will be recording, should we have any positive results:

•-Time of day and date
•-Barometric pressures
•-Moon phases
•-Weather conditions (storming, Sunny)
•-EMF/ELF fluctuations (when available)
•-Basic observations about events happening at the time (who, what, when, where)
** these may vary depending on the situation.



The preliminary interview and investigation, June 24th. We have 1 recorder rolling during the interview. We do manage to pick up a few voices that seem foreign to our own. These voices are very clear and do not match anyone present. They are male. All in attendance are female, except Scott, whom we are very careful to make sure he is not talking during these times to avoid confusion

Present are Anna Hill, Faye Navarro, Scott Wolf, Roxi Rodriguez, the client and grand daughter.

We plan to come back for an investigation.


A short investigation was performed on June 27th. At this time we were only able to stay a few hours because of the client’s age. A few recorders were left in the home after we left, to capture any evidence of the experiences the client was having. While we normally never leave equipment that we cannot observe, this is the only way the client would allow us to gather audio at this time.

•Recorder 1: Located in the living room near the doll and the disassembled remote.
•Recorder 2: In the client’s room where the voices and music is heard.

We captured alot of shuffling/sliding noises near Recorder 1. A Very loud bangs were heard in the same location as the client claims. When we go to pick up the recorder, she lets us know that the original bang happened and that the “music played alllllllllllll night long”. We did not capture any music or voices during this time on either recorder.

The doll was removed at the clients request on June 28th, approximately 2:30 p.m.

Beginning of Journal


June 28th– At this time the doll goes to Anna’s house where it is sealed into a Rubbermaid container and the doll is kept in the garage. There are no reports of activity at this time.

July 9th- Still no activity. At this point, Anna feels it may have been a reasonable amount of time for the doll to spend time in the living quarters of her home. For protective measures, and due to her own beliefs, she feels as precautionary that she would like to take the doll to fellow member Jennifer’s home (a practicing Wiccan) to do a blessing on the doll. At this time Anna also lays down ground rules.

•There is to be no malicious acts against anyone in the home.
•If at any time the doll seems to become malicious, it will be resealed and taken to a storage unit.
•It is welcome to play music or talk anytime it wishes.
•Occasionally we will play gospel or music.
•Assuming the Spirit enjoys Johnny Cash, cigar or other items will be offered any increase in activity will be noted.
•These things will all revolve around good behaviour.
•All things will be done with respect, from both parties.

The doll is placed in the living room of Anna’s home. Due to her own beliefs, tourmaline and selenite is placed around the doll. We are by no means claiming that this is scientific or that anything is proven to deter or cause paranormal occurrences. Theory is tourmaline deters the negative, Selenite promotes the positive. These are beliefs practiced by the individual conducting this experiment. In this case, this is Anna Hill.

10452353_660280157387330_4323520632544401988_nJuly 10th- Approximately 10:30 p.m. I am in bedroom and had been watching movies with my son. Movies ended, my son went to his room and got in bed for the night. My husband is in the living where the doll is. He turns off the TV, turns out the lights and goes to the restroom before retiring for the night. As he leaves the restroom he notices the TV come back on from the hall way. He re-enters the living room, finds no one up and sees nothing that would disturb the remote or television buttons. He turns the TV off and returns to our bedroom where he tells me what has happened. He is skeptical in nature, but I can see he is a little disturbed by this. We have owned that TV for two years, it has never come on by itself until tonight.


Moon Phase: 96% (pre-super moon) Waxing Gibbous
Barometric Pressure: N/A
Time of day and date: 7/10/14 10:30 pm
Weather conditions: Hot outside, inside temp with Air Conditioning 75 degrees
EMF/ELF fluctuations (when available): N/A
Investigator: Anna Hill
Basic observations: Living room is empty, no one is up but my husband. Animals are all laying down, sleeping. Doll has not moved and it in its proper place.

July 12th- No unusual observations since the TV. We visited the client today. She has since moved apartments and she also has disposed of the records that came at the same time as the doll. She has no reported activity since moving and removing the records. The doll has been brought with us (Not into the clients home) but to ensure she does not want this item returned. She declines and asks us to please keep it.


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