“A doll named Sue” PART 1: The Introduction, An experiment into haunted items.

Mid July we got a call from a woman explaining that her 91 yr old grandmother was having problems in her apartment and needed assistance. As always we were happy to oblige! Getting a distress call from someone in their 90’s is not a typical call for us. Most service calls we get are from people who seem to range anywhere from their teens to maybe their 50’s. I imagine this maybe because of how generations view the paranormal. Most 90 yr olds are not influenced by popular television, as the newer generations are. So to get this call, we immediately were fascinated in finding out the details.

To keep this from being a long drug out blog I will break this down into a couple segements. Click here for Part 2.

On this investigation are Scott Wolf, Anna Hill, Faye Navarro, and Roxi Rodriguez.

Client History and Impression:

The client is a very sharp 91 yr old female who resides by herself. No noted signs of any cognitive issues, no history of mental deterioration. Her health only includes some aches and pains due to her age, but is otherwise healthy. During conversation, she never repeats herself and stays on point with all conversation. She has lived in her one story apartment for 12 years. She has never had a paranormal experience in her life, up until 7 weeks prior. She is tearful when speaking of her current experiences. We can see that she is worried that people will not believe her, and has not received much support from anyone except her granddaughter who has called us. She is very convinced that whatever is in her home IS in fact of paranormal nature. She has called a psychic which has done a remote reading via telephone. The client reluctantly has paid the psychic for their service, but feels that they are “full of it”

The fact that the client is in tears and visibly shaken by these events, makes us feel that she is genuine in her experiences and is not fabricating any details.


– Client is kept awake by music like old gospel, and Johnny Cash. She hears this music low but audibly. It keeps her awake. She only hears this music when she is in bed. If she gets up to look for the music it stops as soon as her feet hit the ground.

– The clients name was said out loud on a few occasions, she also heard the sentence “I’m so tired help me help me help me help me!” she says it sounds distressed. Once again audibly.

– Phantom touching. Client is touched and pushed while in her bed.

–  TVs being turned on and off .

– Very loud bangs through out the home. This has the client most frightened.

– A remote that was disassembled being reassembled. The client’s remote had stopped working, she opened the back, put new batteries in and was having a hard time putting it back together. Knowing her granddaughter would return the next day, she left the remote sitting batteries exposed facing up with the compartment door sitting beside the remote. The next morning she awoke and found the remote sitting with the compartment closed and the remote was sitting upright.

Interventions by others (not associated with ALPS):

A psychic was called they charged the client a consult fee. The client was told that this is possibly a male Indian in the home.

– We got an EVP of what maybe a male protesting this claim.

A couple from the Catholic church, came in to do a blessing on the home. Before leaving the wife turns to a doll in the living room and says “AND YOU BEHAVE!” she then turns to the client and tells her, “that doll is no good, I would not have it”.

– Doll impression. It immediately catches the attention of a couple of team members, Anna and Faye, upon entering the location. It’s easy to be drawn to it, although it isn’t necessarily creepy in nature. Even when you are not looking at the doll, or it is out of your peripheral vision, its easy to feel hyper aware of it. Not sure what to make of this doll as this point. (During this observation we have yet to be made aware of the blessing done by the previous)

Client feels uneasy about the doll.

So upon putting together pieces of the puzzle, we have to ask ourselves a few questions:

1) What would this woman of 91 years have to gain by fabricating a story? We’ve concluded, absolutely nothing. This has gained her no positive attention. Anyone she attempts to talk to immediately disregards her story, and tells her it is impossible. “Ghosts do no exist”. This makes her feel sad and isolated.

2) At 91 years old can she cognitively be going through some sort of medical condition that is causing her experiences? Possibly, but we see no outward signs of mental deterioration, whatsoever. I have personally been in the skilled nursing facility field for most of my life and have worked with the high-100’s of senior citizen. Our client here is by far one of the most mentally intact 91 yr olds I have had the pleasure of working with. Although she seems stressed, I believe her claims.

3) What’s changed in the past 7 weeks to cause this woman who has lived in her home for 12 yrs to suddenly have paranormal occurrences? We asked the client to think hard about anything that has changed during the onset of these experiences. After being asked, she perks up and points to some records, and then the doll. These items were given to her by a friend, a pastor, who’s wife (a friend of the client 50 years) had passed away. The husband himself is terminally ill and is clearing belongings out. The doll nearly meets a dumpster, but the client asks to keep it. Immediately strange things begin to happen in the house.

Investigation time:

We conduct a very short 2 part investigation of the clients home. Because of her age we are unable to conduct long sessions. She is very leery of the doll. Next question, if this doll is removed, will occurrences still occur? The client has asked us to please remove the doll from her home. We are reluctant because this is not something we typically do, and we DO NOT advise teams to remove anything from a clients home unless specifically asked to do so. Never claim an item haunted and remove it, this in our opinion is unethical. We do not have the right to deem any item haunted without proper investigation and research into such item.

A Doll Named Sue

2014-07-13 10_47_05
A doll named “Sue”. Sue is actually a 1940’s Gerber Baby Department Store Mannequin, and weighs approximately 8lbs.

So the question we are left with is, is it possible for items to hold and retain spiritual energy?

The only way we feel our team feels we can know for sure whether this item is attached by anything otherworldly, is to conduct a series of experiments, record results, and to basically “keep an eye on it”. Our team has agreed to do an ongoing research project into this item to see if we can validate our clients claims. (Part 2 of this blog will detail the journal we keep for “Sue”, as well as more information about her)




“Sue” at our team meeting. Everyone getting acquainted.


Since “Sue” has been removed many of the claims have stopped. Some still went on. The client has decided to move from her apartment to another to escape her fear she has associated with her current home, and has since thrown away the records obtained during the same time as this doll. We met with her yesterday (July 12th) and she says all activity has stopped. We will continually meet with her until we have a consistent record of no activity.

*** this case remains open and inconclusive. We make no claims that this doll is haunted…..yet……

 Click here for Part 2

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