Carrington – former Psychiatric Asylum / Unitech Revisit

Another return visit to the old former Carrington Psychiatric Asylum / Unitech to further document and try to preserve this beautiful old stunner’s history and memories. We’ve spent many days and nights photographing, filming and data gathering within these walls.
As a team and solo.
Sadly, the plans for the redevelopment of the area to build a road/motorway on-ramp and some housing are well underway.
Sad to see so many historic old trees (as old as the buildings) cut down to stumps and some of the buildings already reduced to rubble and cleared land. A few wings on the mighty Building One are to be removed to make way for a road.
Why the road couldn’t be redesigned around this historically recognised and significant building, I don’t know.
I guess money really does rule over common sense these days.
I’ll be overseas for November, so figured I’d better visit again now to take more photos and say a few goodbyes, in case it’s all destroyed in my absence. Fingers crossed it’s still standing!
Here are a few photos I took this weekend. Most are around Building One, but there are a few other interesting spots I hadn’t seen before and the odd ”selfie” thrown in. – Mark Wallbank

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