Bell House Presentation Evening – Feb 27th 2016

Feb 27th 2016

A great relaxed and intimate evening in Bell House, Howick.

Thank you to all those that came along last night. It was fun! Awesome seeing a few familiar faces from past events and Facebook.

Speakers were Mark Wallbank and Barbara Caisley from Haunted Auckland.


Presented by Mark Wallbank
◾Paranormal….What the heck is it?
◾Haunted Auckland; who are we and what do we do? … a run down on the why? and how?
◾What does Paranormal Investigation involve?
◾How do I know my house might be haunted? What are the possible signs? What should I do?


Presented by Barbara Caisley
◾What are E.V.Ps? What are the theories behind them?
◾Where did this process originate? The history of Spirit Recording.
◾Tips on how to record for possible E.V.Ps
◾Hear examples of possible Electronic Voice Phenomena recorded by the team, and the stories behind them.

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