[Book] Australia’s Haunted History – By Jeanette Kamper

dsc02608Finally got through reading this wee beast of a book. Been busy roadtripping and writing myself, so have been taking this around with me to flip through at random moments during the last few weeks. Only a few pages in and I was fast realising this book was good. Very good in fact. I could almost be pushed to say that this book is one of the better ones I’ve read in the last few years. It’s a truely satisfying read. Well thought out, well researched and compiled to flow nicely from page to page.

australias-haunted-history-cover_frontJeanette’s last writing effort, “Ghost Hunting made simple”, (a very good book that also stood out to me amongst the saturation of trashy ”How to hunt ghosts” books out there), from this obviously knowledgable and paranormally passionate woman, was just that, simple. Easy to read, easy to learn from and all the right elements compiled to get one started in the paranormal field. With “Australia’s Haunted History”, Jeanette really shows off the depth and level of her knowledge and dedication to the field, as well as her love of a good old fashioned ghost story. I admit, I learnt a lot from this book. I find Australian history fascinating. (More so than my own country’s, if I’m honest)

From demonic hauntings; to near death experiences, to investigation reports, personal experiences and viewpoints from research acquaintances and fellow investigators, this book covers a wide scope with many angles and branches off into numerous enjoyable tangents. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a lust for the paranormal, a fascination for ghost stories, or just a morbid interest in Australia’s darker side. I hear there may be a part two in the making. I hope so. Bring it on!


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