Unidentified lights in the evening sky

Reported on Stuff.co.nz – 17 October 2013

UFO or lantern?
What was that light? A Chinese lantern or UFO

UFOs or Chinese lanterns? Strange lights have again been seen in the sky above Blenheim, prompting speculation of intergalactic visitations.

Nathan Menzies said he saw a strange light in the sky from his home in Brewer Street, Blenheim, at 8.30pm on Tuesday.

“I don’t believe in this sort of stuff [UFOs], but this had me totally buzzed out. It’s hard to explain it, but I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he said.

However, his account has much in common with those of others who reported seeing lights in the sky over Blenheim on several occasions last year. Those lights turned out to be Chinese lanterns.

Mr Menzies said he was outside his house having a cigarette when he noticed a light come into view to the north. The light held position briefly before rising rapidly until hardly visible.

It later moved rapidly across the sky, covering a huge distance in a matter of seconds and moving out towards the sea, Mr Menzies said.

Mr Menzies contacted the UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network to report the sighting.

The network’s founding director Suzanne Hansen said she was waiting for a written report from Mr Menzies, but such orange lights are often Chinese lanterns.

“I really can’t say for sure at the moment until I get his report. In the dark it is very difficult to judge speed and distance, and lanterns can move very quickly in gusts of wind.

“We have, however, received reports of much larger orange lights that could not possibly be lanterns and that have been seen much closer up.”

– The Marlborough Express

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