UFO group reports New Zealand defence chief resistance to, final release of classified UFO documents

NZSteady1Suzanne Hanson of New Zealand’s UFO Research, Support and Resource Network has publicly released official correspondence with Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae, Chief of Defence Force NZ following the decision by New Zealand’s Ministry of Defence to release previously classified details of UFO and extraterrestrial-related files.
Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae’s official correspondence indicates that he initially resisted release of the classified UFO documents, stating “’It would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released,’ and that he was not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task, given other work priorities.”

In December 2009, fourteen months later the beginning of intensive communications with Ms. Hansen’s UFO group, Lt. Gen. Mataparae as Chief of Defence stated in a letter to UFOCUS NZ, “I am pleased to be able to inform you that two NZDF officers have begun the task of assessing classified files held in relation to this topic with a view to declassification. I would expect that files which are transferred to Archives New Zealand would be subject to extensive embargo periods in terms of access by the general public.”

UFO document release follows MOD Dec. 9 letter to UFOCUS NZ

The Ministry of Defence classified UFO document release followed Lt. Gen. Mataparae’s Dec. 9, 2009 letter to Suzanne Hanson.

Ms. Hanson states, “A Chief of Defence Force office spokesperson advised, ‘The declassification of the UFO files is now a ‘work in progress’ in conjunction with Archives New Zealand. The files must be amended to meet new requirements of the Privacy Act.’ The Defence Force will notify UFOCUS NZ when this process is completed later this year, and the research network will be given the opportunity of access to the files.”

Ms. Hansen states “UFOCUS NZ’s own archives contain credible and detailed UFO sighting reports from New Zealand pilots, air traffic controllers, and military personnel. In addition, the research network holds sighting reports from members of the public who experienced significant UFO sightings dating as far back as 1908. Some of these prominent cases were investigated by NZ Air Force personnel, and she is hopeful the MOD files may contain their reports.

1978/19 Kaikoura lights at Wellington International Airport

Ms. Hanson reports “It is likely the files will also contain additional information about the renowned ‘Kaikoura lights’ sightings which made world headlines in 1978/79.”
UFOCUS NZ staff member and former Chief air traffic controller of Wellington International Airport, John Cordy, witnessed the Kaikoura lights on airport control centre radar, and states, “I hope the files will validate the reality of the sightings, and vindicate key witnesses who observed them, and faced ‘trial by media’.”

Mainstream media reports of the classified UFO documents release

On January 23, 2010, New Zealand-based news reports stated “The military is all set to release hundreds of pages of secret documentation on UFO sightings across New Zealand. The papers will be released during this year itself.

“The files to be released include reports of sightings of UFOs from 1979 to 1984, in addition to references to December 1978’s Kaikoura sighting. The documents are being currently held by the Archives New Zealand and they were originally to be made public this month, but the Defense Force is presently in the process of removing personal information from the files in order to efficiently comply with the Privacy Act.

“’At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information. Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year’, said a Defense Force spokeswoman. All requests for access to the said files of sightings are currently being turned down as they are under the possession of the Defense Force.”

Implications of the New Zealand MOD actions for extraterrestrial disclosure
1. Extraterrestrial, interdimensional and UFO disclosure – The announced New Zealand release of classified UFO files may be an important component of the process of the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence to the human population, and the development of a trans-planetary culture for a post-disclosure world.

2. Interactive communication and cooperation between citizen and military on classified UFO release – New Zealand appears to be a test case of interactive communication and ultimate cooperation by a military authority in response to citizen requests on classified UFO files. This is in utter contrast to the stone-wall of psyops, disinformation, alteration of NASA images, and dirty tricks performed by the U.S. military-intelligence and political establishment on the citizenry and the public over the course of 60 years of the extraterrestrial embargo, since the U.S. CIA 1953 Robertson Panel, ordering that all references to ETs and UFOs be publicly ridiculed.

3. National UFO file disclosure – The announced planned disclosure of previously classified UFO and possible extraterrestrial-related files by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence follows the pattern of UFO file disclosure by NATO countries such as the U.K. (which has recently closed its MOD public UFO reporting Desk), France, Sweden, Denmark, Canada; Central and South American nations such as Mexico, Chile (which has opened a special UFO investigations unit), Peru, Brazil. U.N. Observer nations such as the Vatican have held an extraterrestrial life science conference.

4. New Zealand MOD & “Official state ET disclosure” – The announced New Zealand release of classified UFO files may be a component of the “openness” policy reportedly developed at a series of secret meetings amongst 40 high level delegates to the United Nations, starting on February 12, 2008 The secret UN meetings have been reported by Source A, a U.S. Naval intelligence officer who has never been publicly identified, and the UN meetings themselves were reportedly triggered by a 524 foot wide UFO (of unknown provenance) which overflew Stephenville TX and the Crawford, TX White House on January 8, 2008. As this Examiner.com reporter has stated, the planned New Zealand classified UFO release may be part of the roll-out of an “official state ET disclosure” that itself would be crafted partial release of the true extraterrestrial presence, designed to serve the interests of the national security state worldwide.

5. Australia and United States UFO non-disclosure – Non-disclosure to date of classified extraterrestrial and UFO files by the United States or by Australia, which is a co-signatory of New Zealand in the ANZUS Pact, may be a function of on-going secret extraterrestrial liaison programs of the United States government, some of which may be carried out via a secret extraterrestrial-human base at Pine Gap, Australia.

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