Two Books by Penny G Morgan

The rain stopped and the sun came out.
For how long, no one knows.
But for now, I’ve found a nice shady spot outside and I’m having a cool drink with Penny.
Well, I’m reading a couple of her books.
One of my new fav’ researcher/writer/ cool person types from way over yonder Isles.
Liking them so far too.
She puts words to paper rather well, does Penny.
I’m making my way through her 2020 effort, A Haunted Experiment, my first taste of her work, and I have to say her level of research and historical knowledge is quite impressive. The descriptive detail and the stories she can weave with it all are rather captivating. Her train-of-thought style in parts resonated well here, as it’s something I tend to do with my own writing. It’s just good, honest, down-to-earth, and unpretentious storytelling.
I’ve had a sneaky wee flip through her latest book, The Elements of Epping Forest, and already I can tell I’m going to enjoy that ride!
Stay tuned for my thoughts on that one.

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