Tunnel Vision – By Martin Butler

Finally got my hands on a copy of a book I’ve been wanting for a while. Found it in a local hospice shop. Signed too!
It came out in 2012, written by Martin Butler. The research so far seems very solid with it; on focus and alot of attention to detail. The author digs deep into the urban myth, misinformation, coverups and conspiracy with the intense crosschecking of correspondence and official documents, maps, detailed analysis, testimonials, articles, news reports, interviews and some very good systematic and extensive investigation.
While it doesn’t get into the paranormal side of North Head (something I personally feel should be included in a book like this) it’s a fantastic and thought provoking effort. Would’ve liked to have seen the stories documented here of ghostly uniformed soldiers and the assorted spooky experiences reported there that date back decades.
What is really hidden away in that maze of tunnels and sealed military bunkers, high up on that hill in Devonport?
North Head is one of Auckland’s mystery locations that has caused quite a bit of controversy and division through the years.
I’m half way though and really glad I found a copy!

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