Private Residence, Titirangi

Haunted Auckland receives an urgent call for assistance at a Titirangi home where the owners report shadows, loud noises and doors which move on their own.


We were asked to investigate a private residence in Titirangi which seemed to be having a few on-going disruptive incidents that needed looking into. We could not find any handy information about this house prior to the investigation, only that it is located close to Glen Eden Intermediate School and that the street had once been a bale fill site.

The family was experiencing many disturbances at night which was causing stress and discomfort.

Alleged Activity

  • Moving shadows
  • Unusual unexplained odours
  • The kids get the ‘heebie jeebies’ and run out of their rooms screaming in the middle of the night
  • The children refuse to sleep in the room with the lights off
  • Strange stains in the paintwork that won’t wash out
  • The owner reported feeling pressure on the bed, like a heavy cat or small; child crawling up beside her, while she was laying face down resting one afternoon. It stopped at her pillow, right by her head. When she looked up, there was nothing there
  • Loud noises at night like bangs, crashes and scraping sounds
  • The children have the most trouble in the daughter’s room at the back end of the house. The room is always much colder than the rest of the house and a lingering smell has permeated the air since their arrival there
  • A 15-year-old baby sitter was upset one night with the feeling she wasn’t alone and was frightened by the door opening and closing by itself

We arrived at the house at 7.30pm.


First Impressions

Titirangi Private Residence Findings

Barbara – “Modest family home with nice people. House was clean and tidy and was obviously a place where children lived. I didn’t get a sense of any spirits or ghosts being present. The house was a typical small, three bedroom, mass-produced ‘universal’ type house. I estimate that it was perhaps 15 years old. The front door (ranch slider I think) opened into an open-plan lounge/dining room with an open kitchen off the dining section of the room. This large room had a hall way at the end of it which lead to laundry and bathroom (to left), and three bedrooms (two on right and one at end).”

Mark – “The home has a nice warm and cosy, welcoming feeling. I know the owners well so it was good to catch up with them again. It’s an oldish house, but still clean, tidy, uncluttered and obviously cared for by the current occupants. No initial ‘feelings’ on first entrance.”

Kris – “I would say the house is a 1970-1980 faux character house. On entering the house, at first there was this ‘this is nice’ impression at making the entrance to the house as appealing as possible to live in. Walking down the hallway was a different story, with E.M.Fs going from the static 600 milligauss to 1509 milligauss, which was rather high. This was also at the location of the meter box. In the boy’s room I kept getting the feeling that this room was the room of a ‘dirty old man’ kind of creepy feeling. This was the last room that I was in, so later in the night, and when the EMF levels were stuck at 745 or 754.”


Feelings and Sensations

Mark – “The room I felt the most ‘vibe’ in would’ve been the boy’s room. Usual story, don’t know why, just a ‘feeling’.”

Kris – “When first entering the property, half way down the hall I started to get a big headache. It felt like I was being pulled upwards, from the top of my eye sockets. I kind of had the feeling that if we were talking about the place being ‘haunted’, we were looking at a dual thing. A sad woman and an angry man. Maybe a murder suicide situation or multiple deaths in the vicinity. I definitely got the feeling of ‘Maternal’ and ‘Predatorial’.”

The owners mentioned they hear sounds of movement, like scratching, shuffling and banging at night. Mark heard a definite and clear shuffling sound coming from up in the boys closet whilst in there, so climbed up into the ceiling hole with an I.R video camera to try to film inside the ceiling / roof. The footage showed there was a lot of shredded Pink Batts insulation everywhere. On opening the small panel that went up into the roof, Mark heard another scuttling sound. He felt he had possibly disturbed something and guessed it might have been rats, so suggested they toss a few rat poison tablets up in there to see if the noises eventually cease.


EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Readings

Base Level of E.M.F inside was 600, rather high, and outside was about the same. E.M.Fs peaked at 1509 in hall at beginning of night. On listening to the recordings, it did seem that this high point would move from spot to spot. When it wasn’t peaking, the area round the meter box was in the 900s, still high, but not 1500. E.M.Fs under the house, near meter box peaked at 2901, but only for a few seconds. E.M.Fs in kids bedrooms peaked at 1200. After going under house, the E.M.F meter malfunctioned and was stuck at 745 or 754 for the rest of the night.

Titirangi Private Residence Findings

It deserves to be mentioned, that at first, I thought that the meter was malfunctioning, however, it was still operating as it was still saving these figures to the data file.

The beds, being steel bunk beds, gave off a massive E.M.F reading; however the high point in the room seemed to change. Range was from 600mg – 1800mg. (or.6-1.8 gauss).

Kris – “I experienced battery drain, and my EMF meter getting jammed on .724, even after a few shutdowns and reloads.”


Mark also experienced much sudden battery drainage on both his cameras and audio recorders.

We noticed many plastered-over holes in the ceilings, walls and doors, leading us to hypothesise that the house had seen much disturbance, violence and anger in its history. It was thought that a concentration of excessive residual negative energy, may have left some sort of impression on the house. Further investigation would be needed to try to confirm or refute this and our other theories.

Barbara – “I got a sense of a woman being in the two back bedrooms. I am wondering if she had passed away there and is still visits from time to time. While sitting in the little girls room (the end bedroom) and doing an E.V.P session, I felt like I was being pushed upwards from the bed (like someone was trying to get me off it). Also while sitting in that same place I noticed the head of a nodding dog toy (or cat as there was some discussion as to what it actually was) was nodding slightly. This was so slight I only noticed it due to it having a patterned object behind it and I could see that the pattern was changing slightly.”


Boy’s Bedroom

Kris – “I found the boys bedroom to be the more active, however that may be due to the lateness of being there. I found it very interesting that the son of the household always wanted his large toy dog in front of and facing the window. To me that indicates that he thinks that whatever it is that upsets him comes from outside. I went outside and must admit to feeling uneasy while being out there (as if something not pleasant was watching).”

Under the House

Both Mark and Kris did separate searches under the house.

Titirangi Private Residence Findings

Kris – “The door to the basement is unlockable from memory, and the house is built high off the ground. Any chance in breeze opening it, and the suction created adding to the noise of the already creepy house?”

Mark – Lots of cobwebs. One thing I noticed which seemed unusual, was that every single spider on the webs, was dead, dried up and coated in a white substance. It was thought to possibly be a type of fungus that affects spiders, or maybe it was due to chemicals as part of an insect extermination process, we were unsure at the time. Probably nothing worth getting excited about, but still interesting.

Kris – “It was very damp under the house, so much so that there was a white coating of mould, over the spiders, and yet ONLY over the spiders. Research stated that this is a fungus that attaches itself to spiders, living and the deceased.” 

“I think the spiders are relevant, as shows a picture of the dampness of the area. That and the fact that the E.M.F was so high, outside even, and the air being so damp, may add up to a way that may amplify or affect the way “spirits” may manifest themselves. Just a personal theory, that maybe moisture in the air may make things conduct better than none. While down, under the house, I heard the distinct sound of shuffling, and breathing over my shoulder. Whilst listening to my recordings, got plenty of banging noises that weren’t associated to footsteps, noticed as being odd, however didn’t include as my evidence, as I feel unless you listen to the whole thing, a bang is a bang is a bang.”

In Conclusion

The team members all seemed to have rather mixed reactions and opinions about the house and its alleged ‘supernatural visitors.’

Mark – “I can’t say I really felt too much in the house personally. It might be good to perhaps go visit again and stay a bit longer if possible. No anomalous photos. My Audio and video gear picked up nothing out of the ordinary. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing there, just that we were not able to capture anything conclusive at this session. I’d really like to talk to the kids about it all and hear their own takes on the incidents.”

Kris – “My general feel of the place, is that this place feels like it is on old ground. I think that the E.V.P session, mixed with the mixture of maternal and predatorial feelings, leads me to believe that this place is haunted, and one of the scariest feeling places I have been in recent years.”

Barbara – “I have no evidence at all that this house is haunted. However my feeling is that there is something there. Possibly a woman about 55ish (not malicious but could accidentally scare the children and may have been seen as she walks around the house) but I also suspect that there is something that comes from outside into the house (not nice). I was mildly disappointed by this investigation. The activity which had been reported failed to manifest and despite taking over 100 photos, videos and several hours of audio I could find no evidence of any form of haunting or spirit activity. I had a sense that there may have been some sort of spirit present but that was it”

Kris – “My general impression of the home… It was definitely a charged up place. The E.M.Fs went from 600mg – 1800mg. (or.6-1.8 gauss), and those high points would move around. The E.M.F outside was all rather high as well, but the beds seemed to amplify all this somehow. Maybe a combination of the high EMF, the dampness of the air could explain some of the ‘symptoms’. I do think there is definitely some kind of ‘haunting’ going on there, maybe amplified by these conditions, and the whole ‘feel’ of the place went ‘septic’ after the cleansing.”

While haunted Auckland did not capture anything compelling and conclusive on this investigation, that of course doesn’t mean that this place isn’t haunted or experiencing paranormal activity. It just means we were unsuccessful this session. Perhaps in time, with further investigation, definitive evidence will be found to hopefully answer the family’s questions once and for all. We have however heard that since the investigation, the overall feeling of the house has gotten a lot better and the children are a little more at ease in their rooms at night these days. Perhaps the visit and cleansing was the needed remedy? Time will tell, but we will be staying in close contact with the home owners to keep track of any further activity, should it occur.

We sincerely thank the owners for allowing us into their home.

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